30 Most Awkwardly Named Cities in the World

30 Most Awkwardly Named Cities in the World. What's in a name? While these cities may not be as big or as well-known as New York City or London, maybe it's their names that are holding them back. Some of these towns are just the victims of poor translation choices while others are the funny result of naming a town after a person. At the least, they can count on being side-trip destinations for a quick Instagram photo opportunity.

There are so many cities in the world with unfortunate names, just check out the ones in your home state alone-you'll be shocked. We can't imagine trying to apply for a job or sending out invitations with an address in a city like Ballplay, Alabama, but people live in these places, too! You would think that whoever is in charge of naming a new town would put more effort into keeping it more appropriate, but sometimes it just works out in a hilarious way on accident.

If you've ever passed through a middle-of-nowhere place only to be surprised by the funny name, you're not alone. Places like Nimrod, Arkansas exist all over the world-all you have to do is stop and read the signs to find them. If you're ready to laugh your way through some city names that could have been better, keep reading to hear about 30 of the most awkwardly named cities in the world. 

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