30 Cities With the Biggest Panhandling Problem

30 Cities With the Biggest Panhandling Problem. The term “panhandling” was originally coined in Virginia in the 1880s. This act of begging is rumored to have gotten its name due to the outstretched arms of the beggars resembled the handles of pans. Before this term, there was no distinction between panhandlers and beggars, which is part of the reason that most of the world solely uses the term “beggars.”

Unemployment and poverty can be found all across the globe, and some people see panhandling as a last resort in an effort to scrounge up enough money for themselves—and sometimes their families—to live off of. And there are several advocates who campaign against ordinances that ban panhandling, saying that the ordinances are violating the constitutional rights of the individuals who partake in it.

Unfortunately, some people have been known to take advantage of the kind-hearted individuals who give money to panhandlers. In some countries, beggars will seek out those who look like tourists in an effort to take advantage of their potential unfamiliarity with beggars. These unsavory individuals have made donators around the world more cautious about what to give to people seen begging, and in several cases, discourages people from giving anything at all.

In addition to the not-necessarily truthful participants, there are some who can take things a bit too far. There have been several instances of beggars threatening people in an effort to get money from them.

With all of that in mind, here are 30 cities across the globe with the biggest panhandling problems.

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