20 Places No One Pronounces Correctly

Some places no one can pronounce correctly. Today, the world is a huge mixing pot – especially the United States. It isn’t difficult to meet someone from another state or even another country! Since the world is becoming increasingly interesting and unique, you’ve probably heard a lot of names you’d never attempt pronouncing if you saw them. Heck, even some classic American names are tough to pronounce, and there’s no reason to feel bad about that.

If you’re the type of person with that kind of name, it may make you a little upset when someone can’t say your name. There’s nothing wrong with that because it’s hard not to take mispronunciation personally.

Do you know what’s also pretty personal? Where you’re from. Some people would shout their hometown from the rooftops if given a chance, and we don’t blame them for that! It’s great that you’re proud of where you’re from, but it’s also a little awkward when people don’t know how to say the city or town you live.

Heck, even with the way media is, it’s becoming easier to hear about another place in the world. The world is becoming connected in a beautiful way. It’s easy to hear about a location you’d never knew existed, so it’s impossible to know how to say the name – especially if it’s from another country where the people don’t speak the same language!

We all remember the volcano that erupted in Iceland. It’s like we were set up to fail with that name. Who knew how to say “Eyjafjallajökull” other than Icelandic people?! Well, there are plenty of other places like that, and we’ve found them.

Here are 20 places that have crazy unique names, and no one knows how to say them. Thankfully, we’ve also included a little phonetic guide on how to pronounce it correctly. Some names you may have thought you were saying correct could also be wrong!

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