25 Most Dangerous Tourist Attractions


Not all vacations are about lounging by the side of the pool. Some travelers enjoy the exhilaration that comes from staring death in the face and walking away unscathed. Confused? We don't get the appeal either. But for this reason, there are many popular tourist attractions which are notoriously dangerous.

While there are plenty of ways to safely get an adrelaine rush, what's the fun in that? Why not seek thrills and put your life in danger at the same time? There are plenty of reasons, but that doesn't seem to deter tourists hell-bent on putting their lives on the line. And we have to admit--some of these places do almost look cool enough to take on the risks. Almost. 

Whether it's the aggressive wildlife, treacherous geography, or just good, old-fashioned nuclear radiation, these spots should be reserved for the recklessly brave only. Here are the 25 most dangerous tourist destinations on earth! 

Alnwick Gardens


Despite its harmless sounding names, this is not your grandmother’s garden. The Duchess of Northumberland, Jane Percy, decided to collect some of the rarest plants in the world, even including some deadly ones into the mix. Although visitors are kept at a distance from the dangerous plants, anyone who would sneak into the Poison Garden would be making their last mistake.

(image via Steve F, CC)

Did you know...

  • Taking a vacation is good for your health! Studies have shown that a vacation can help to lower your risk of heart disease. It's also a proven way to improve your creativity. So if you have some writer's block or need to lower your stress, grab a friend and go on an adventure!
  • Even though it is spread across five time zones, the entire country of China is set to Beijing time. Having a single time zone in the United States would certainly make things easier. Currently, the USA is spread across six, but a single time zone would make things a little wonky in Alaska and Hawai'i.
  • There are over 61,000 people on a plane in the air over the U.S. at any given moment. That makes sense because the U.S. has one third of all the airports in the world. Hartsfield-Jackson Airport in Atlanta is the busiest airport in the world with over 100 million total passengers every year since 2015.
  • Jet lag is worse when you're traveling from west to east. That's because the changes in time zones become not only more physically apparent on your body, but they are also more culturally apparent. If restaurants close at 10pm on the East Coast, you'll just be getting hungry since it will feel like 7pm on your West Coast-adjusted body.
  • The largest pool in the world can be found at the San Alfonso del Mar resort in Chile. It has 66 million gallons (enough water to fill 100 Olympic-sized pools). It's 3,323 feet in length, over twice the length of the next biggest pool. At a cost of $3,000,000, that sounds like a pretty good deal.