15 Summer Destinations With the Worst Crowds

15 summer destinations with the worst crowds. When the summer season begins (we're talking all of May, June, July, and August), well, let all the vacations commence. The most beautiful and exciting of summer destinations in the United States can attract scores of people all throughout the summer months. (Just imagine Disney World-level crowds during the summer; I can guarantee that whatever you're picturing, it's either your biggest dream come true or your worst nightmare...) 

This can be obviously a huge plus or a huge minus depending on your affinity for large crowds. If you just absolutely love exciting summer destinations with lots of bikini clad people, then these are the places you may choose to flock to. On the other hand, if you're just seeking a quiet, peaceful, or even family-friendly summer vacay spot, then you should definitely avoid these locations at all cost when planning a getaway during the summer season! 

Whether you're looking to go where the people are or you want to know exactly which places to avoid, this list will help you plan your next summer vacation. From California all the way to New York, these are the 15 most crowded summer destinations in the United States! Happy (summer) travels!

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