15 Tourists Tell Their Craziest Vacation Stories

It’s time for vacations! They’re a time for us to get away and experience the life we’ve always wanted. Whether you’re going somewhere hot for fun swimming or somewhere cool for the best skiing of your life, no doubt you have beautiful visions dancing in your head. After all, going on vacation is supposed to be relaxing. You’re supposed to come back looking refreshed and ready to tackle the world again.

However, things don’t always go as planned. Cultures are different, and we aren’t always prepared for what can happen to us in other countries. Pickpockets are a huge issue, and we may not be ready to deal with the wildlife the locals deal with on a daily basis.

In short – some tourists get the short end of the stick. We found 15 tourists that got the shortest stick. They found out that vacations aren’t always relaxing. They can be rough, tumble, and downright scary!

If you’re planning the ultimate vacation for yourself and your family, we hope that your days off end up much better than these people. Just remember to keep an eye out, and learn about the country you’re visiting before you leave. We wish you good luck!

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