25 Most Dangerous Tourist Attractions

Not all vacations are about lounging by the side of the pool. Some travelers enjoy the exhilaration that comes from staring death in the face and walking away unscathed. Confused? We don't get the appeal either. But for this reason, there are many popular tourist attractions which are notoriously dangerous.

While there are plenty of ways to safely get an adrelaine rush, what's the fun in that? Why not seek thrills and put your life in danger at the same time? There are plenty of reasons, but that doesn't seem to deter tourists hell-bent on putting their lives on the line. And we have to admit--some of these places do almost look cool enough to take on the risks. Almost. 

Whether it's the aggressive wildlife, treacherous geography, or just good, old-fashioned nuclear radiation, these spots should be reserved for the recklessly brave only. Here are the 25 most dangerous tourist destinations on earth! 

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