20 States Whose Residents Are Leaving

We all have our own personal reasons for choosing to live where we live, whether it be for our jobs, our families, a fantastic medical community, or sports team that will take up most of our weekends. That being said, some states can’t say the same thing. Some states don’t provide what their residents really need. While some choose to stick it out and stay because it’s their home, others prefer the other option: leave. They pack up their bags and get out before things get too bad. This can hurt states more than most people know. It makes it more difficult for jobs to be filled by skilled people and also means fewer taxes, which will affect every part of the state.

Every year, United Van Lines puts its prodigious network to statistical use by highlighting the migration patterns into and out of every state in the nation. They publish a list each year that covers each state with the lowest ratio of inbound traffic to outbound (aka people coming vs. people going). The following states are having a hard time getting their residents to stay for one reason or another. Is this a sign of decline for the state or are they working toward reinventing the state to improve the very issues that are making people leave?

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