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The 30 Most Sinful States in the Country

Alabama--Most Cheaters

It seems like, “I do,” doesn’t mean much in the Heart of Dixie. When the Ashley Madison scandal broke in 2015, it was revealed that Alabama had the most sign-ups for the website that allowed users to arrange extramarital affairs. 

North Dakota--Most Alcohol-Related Accidents

North Dakotans don’t seem to have any problem getting behind the wheel after a few too many drinks. It’s the state with the highest percentage of traffic fatalities that involve alcohol--46.7% of driving deaths involve booze of some kind. 

New Mexico--Most Home Break Ins

We’re not sure what it is about New Mexico, but people there just can’t seem to resist the urge to burglarize others. It sits at the #1 spot, and, interestingly, most of the other states in the top ten are found in the southern United States as well. 

California--Most Bank Robberies

Bank robberies are a big problem in California when compared to robberies in other states. Apparently they’ve forgotten the eighth commandment. In 2018, California had a whopping 405 bank robberies.  

New Hampshire--Highest Alcohol Consumption

Apparently there’s not much to do in New Hampshire besides getting tipsy. It’s the state with the highest alcohol consumption per person. In 2016, New Hampshire residents put away an average of 4.76 gallons! 

Tennesee--Rudest State

We're shocked too--we didn't know rude southerners existed! But according to a study done by a Canadian company, Tennessee residents were the least polite during phone conversations. 

Mississippi--Most Gambling Issues

Las Vegas may be the gambling capital of the United States, but it’s Mississippi that’s hit the hardest by gambling addiction. They rank #1 for the percentage of adults dealing with a gambling problem. 

West Virginia--Most Overdoses

Drugs are a problem across the United States, but nowhere has been harder hit than West Virginia. They rank the highest for total drug overdose deaths, with a troubling 57.8 deaths per 100,000 people. 

Louisiana--Most Total Murders

It looks like Southern hospitality didn’t make it all the way down to Louisiana, because they’ve got the worst murder rate in the country. With 14.4 murders per 100,000 people, they rank at the top of this embarrassing list. 

Colorado--Most Cocaine Usage

Considering what the state of Colorado recently legalized, we’re surprised to see them top the charts for highest number of cocaine users. But here we are! 

Georgia--Most Public Worker Bribes

If you’re a crooked public servant, Georgia is where you want to be--it’s the state that’s ranked worst for public corruption. During a two-year investigation, it came to light that 658 state workers accepted bribes of some kind--including meals, sports tickets, and cold, hard cash. 

Indiana--Most Meth Incidents

If you thought America’s heartland was a clean, happy place, think again. Indiana comes in as the state with the highest number of meth lab seizures--with a whopping 1797 recent incidents. 

Nevada--Most Divorces

It turns out an impulsive, Elvis-themed wedding isn’t a great start to a lifetime commitment. So, it should come as no surprise that Nevada tops the charts as the state with the most divorces. 

Alaska--Most Gun Incidents

The total number of 2019 gun deaths for Alaska is not as high as others--there were just 180. However, when you consider the population of Alaska, it rises to the top of the charts. The state has a rate of 24.5 gun deaths per 100,000 people--the highest in the country. 

Oregon--Most Painkiller Use

The opioid epidemic has ravaged the country, but no state has been harder hit than Oregon. While the number of painkiller-related deaths has dropped in the state recently, experts fear this is simply because drug users are moving on to heroin--which is cheaper and more readily available. 

South Carolina--Most Violent Crime

When it comes to violent crime as a whole, no state is worse than South Carolina. They have a staggering average of 766 violent incidents per 100,000 residents. 

Vermont--Most General Drug Use

Different types of drugs impact some areas of the country more than others, but in Vermont it appears that they’ll take whatever you sell them. It’s the state with the highest overall drug use--more than 15 percent of residents say they have used an illegal substance within the past month. 

Rhode Island--Most Justin Bieber Fans

Can we add liking Justin Bieber to the official list of mortal sins? That’s going to put a lot of Rhode Island souls in jeopardy, because nearly a full 10% of residents say they are fans of the Canadian nuisance. 


Missouri--Most Puppy Mills

We’ve seen some of mankind’s cruellest and worst depravity on this slideshow, but I’m sure this will be the one that has people reaching for their torches and pitchforks. It’s true--being a dog isn’t great in Missouri, considering it has the highest number of puppy mills in the country. 

District of Columbia--Most Marijuana Use

The District of Columbia isn’t technically a state, but this one is too good to pass up. While we have no federal laws about legalizing marijuana, that hasn’t stopped residents in our nation’s capitol from sparking up. The area boasts the highest number of pot smokers in the United States. Sorry, Colorado! 

Massachusetts--Least Religious State

Oh how far Massachusetts has fallen since its Puritans days. It's currently the least-religious state in the country--residents there attend services less than others and say that religion plays an important role in their lives less than others. 

Kentucky--Most Child Maltreatment Cases

We're not sure what would compel someone to hurt a child, but it happens more in Kentucky than any other state. They have a rate of 22.2 victims per 1000 children--which is more than double the national average. 

Illinois--Most Unsolved Murders

Illinois' finest have an embarrassing record when it comes to unsolved crimes. More than 55 percent of all murder cases go unsolved in the state!

Texas--Most AMBER Alerts

Since 1996, authorities have used AMBER alerts to notify residents when children are abducted in their area. Unfortunately, Texas tops the charts when it comes to number of alerts issued. 

Arkansas--Most Interest in Incest

When it comes to internet searches about incest, Arkansas creepily takes the cake. But look on the bright side, Arkansans--this will make a fun topic of discussion at your next family reunion. 

Utah--Most Student Absences

School is for chumps, at least if you live in Utah. According to a 2015 study, 4.6 percent of students in the state missed at least 10 days of school each month. 

Delaware--Most Juvenile Assault

The kids aren't alright--at least in Delaware. In 2016, they reported the most incidents of juvenile aggravated assualt, with a whopping 229 arrests. 

South Dakota--Most Juvenile Drug Use

"Just Say No" doesn't seem to be working in South Daktoa. In 2016, they were the state with the most cases of juvenile drug abuse, with a total of 1015 arrests. 

Wyoming--Most Escort Arrests

For this category, we're taking Nevada out of the running--prostitution laws are strange when it comes to Sin City. That leaves Wyoming at the top of the list for most arrests, with an average 3.1 for every 10,000 residents. 

Iowa--Most Pork Production

Pork farmers in Iowa clearly haven't read the book of Leviticus closely enough. Don't they know bacon is forbidden? Regardless, the state of Iowa ranks #1 for pork production, bringing in over 4 billion dollars according the last census.