14 Forests That Will Make You Believe In Fairies

When was the last time you went camping in the woods? It’s something else. You’re out in the middle of nowhere, away from everyone else – a lot of people dream about experiences like that. Not to get all mushy but camping in a forest helps you get in touch with nature, and really feel that things are alive around you. Cities feel that way too, but it’s different. It’s like a cup of coffee while the woods are like a nice, warm cup of tea.

We’re saying all this because you have to picture woods in your mind for this slideshow because this part of nature speaks to us on some deep primal level. They remind us of childhood stories that contain mysteries and secrets that we’ve forgotten about. Wonderous things can appear when you least expect it, you know?

Some places are better than others because they feel unworldly. We’ve made a list of some forests that are so wonderous that they may remind you that there could be little creatures living there. We’re talking about flitting and flittering little fairies. We used to believe in them as children, but we forgot – thanks adulthood! Camping in these places will make you think you’re not alone but in a good way! Nothing is better than remembering tales you heard as a kid because that was one of the best times of our lives.

We’re going to recall Peter Pan and say that we do believe in fairies! We do, we do!

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