30 Fictional Places You Can Actually Visit

Fictional places you can actually visit?! Nowadays, people are able to travel much easier than they ever have before! We all know of friends that are going somewhere during the summer (and maybe also the winter). While some people go overseas to visit another country, others take a fun drive across the country to visit dozens of American landmarks. How people choose where they want to go is usually incredibly personal.

Some people are very patriotic and want to visit places where America was made the country we know today. We’re talking about Mount Rushmore, Statue of Liberty, Pearl Harbor, and several areas in Massachusetts. Other people choose to go for thrills! They’re all about skydiving, zip lining, and activities that would make the rest of us have a heart attack.

If you’re like us, one of the top places on your list to visit is where your favorite TV or movie was filmed. We don’t know why, but we’re a sucker for these places. Famous people stood there and created a series that are unforgettable even years later. Surprisingly enough, there are tons of places that you can visit that were featured in a television show or film.

Even if it seems like your favorite characters’ stomping grounds are worlds away, we’re here to say that this may not be the case. We’ve made a list of 30 fictional places you can visit. Some of these places are given, like filming locations of Breaking Bad. However, we also have places that may seem like a world away but are a flight away. Yes, we’re talking about places where Star Wars were filmed. So, if you want to visit Tatooine or take a ride in the Tardis, sit back and enjoy the slideshow. Personally, our favorite place to visit would have to be Kings Landing. Do you know where it was filmed? If not, we’ll tell you.

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