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12 Tree House Hotels and Rentals

12. Treehouse Point

Fall City, Washington

Located near Fall City, Washington, this event center/overnight retreat is nestled snugly in some of the most beautiful forests the Pacific Northwest has to offer. (Though the resort is a little more rustic than a lot of American tree houses — the bathroom facilities are shared, as opposed to in-room.) If you want to check out the scenery but don't feel like staying, visitors can take a guided tour of the tree houses, although a reservation is required. Not only will Treehouse Point offer you lodging, but they can get you in touch with their sister company to help you plan and build a tree house getaway of your own.

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11. Tree House Cabins

Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Eureka Springs is a hippie hideout nestled into the woods of northern Arkansas.  It's also absolutely filled with tree house rooms to rent. From the Grand Treehouse Resort to the Original Treehouse Cabins, there's no shortage of chances to live the high life. Most of these resorts come equipped with hot tubs, fireplaces, and enormous windows overlooking the mountain views.

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10. Bangkok Tree House

Bangkok, Thailand

This 12-room resort in Thailand boasts a wide variety of accommodations. There are some unique setups at Bangkok Tree House — one of the rooms is the "view with a room," an open-air canopy bed on a man-made overlook. There's also a floating bed on the river. If you want a more traditional experience, there are beautifully-designed, elevated hotel rooms with as much glass as possible to offer the greatest view. Living in harmony with nature is what Bangkok Tree House is all about, and there are lots of ways to do it here.

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9. Treehotel

Harads, Sweden

Located in Harads, Sweden, each of the seven tree houses was put together by leading Swedish architects and designers.  The most striking is the enormous cube made of one-way mirrors, but other options include a UFO and a giant bird's nest. The Lule River Valley makes for gorgeous surroundings, and the Northern Lights dazzle overhead at the right time of year.

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8. The Aviary at Wheatleigh Hotel

Lenox, Massachusetts

As the name suggests, this luxury suite was once an aviary. Now, complete with an antique soaking tub and a winding staircase surrounded by sculpted glass, this two-story suite among the trees is the highlight of this Lenox, Massachusetts, resort. As nice as the private, covered terrace is, you may want to descend from time to time to check out the rest of the resort, including their well-stocked wine cellar and their Wednesday night summer barbecues.

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7. Finca Bellavista

Piedras Blancas National Park, Costa Rica

Finca Bellavista is actually a sustainable community located in the rain forests of Costa Rica. This is not a full-service resort; this is a group of people who live together in a beautiful place, willing to share their homes with you for a fee. Much of what they make goes into conservation efforts to protect the pristine rain forest acreage that surrounds them.

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6. Treehouse Lodge

Limón, Costa Rica

Finca Bellavista isn't the only tree house option in Costa Rica, though. The Treehouse Lodge in Limón is located on the Gandoca-Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge. Not only does that mean that you're helping fuel conservation and sustainability efforts in the area, it also means you'll be surrounded by adorable sloths. Whether you're surfing, doing beachside yoga, or taking in the Iguana Verde Foundation, you're in for an amazing experience while staying in the Costa Rican jungle.

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5. Post Ranch Inn

Big Sur, California

This gorgeous hotel overlooks the Pacific Ocean and offers a great combination of natural beauty and luxury. Classes in yoga and tai chi are offered regularly, you can hike or surf, and there's a telescope for stargazing at night. If you don't feel up to all of that, there are two heated infinity tubs and a pool that offer views of the ocean, which is more majestic, but not heated. There is a stunning array of rooms available beyond just tree houses here, but the tree houses themselves offer stunning views of the mountains, fireplaces, and include indoor spa tubs.

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4. Missouri Treehouse Cabins

Dora, Missouri

Tucked away in the Ozark Mountains in southern Missouri, the eight tree houses of Missouri Treehouse Cabins give you the best of riverside living. The cabins are geared to anyone looking for an escape to the great outdoors, from fly fishers to romantic getaways to parties of six. Stone fireplaces and whirlpool bathtubs keep you comfortable while the rustic decor and log-cabin feel remind you to take it slow, like the river below you.  Fly fishing and river float trips are big attractions, as is the Mark Twain National Forest. The Laura Ingalls Wilder Home is nearby, as well. 

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3. Chateaux dans les Arbres

Nojals-et-Clotte, France

Inspired by the castle that used to overlook the region, these ornate tree houses offer a breathtaking view of the French countryside in an impressive, yet whimsical setting. Each of the five tree houses includes a private, open-air whirlpool tub. Several small villages are nearby, and you can take a canoe or a traditional barge down the Dordogne River, or even take off in a hot air balloon.

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2. Tropical Treehouse

Rincón, Puerto Rico

Want to get away without having to take your passport? Puerto Rico is the perfect option. Tropical Treehouse's bamboo-thatched huts are designed for maximum exposure to the environment with minimum impact. The green flashes as the sun sets over the Atlantic are beyond compare, and you're surrounded by great beaches, lots of surfing, and the sweet lull of tree frogs as a lullaby.

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1. Your Own Backyard

You don't have to go far away or find something big and ostentatious to enjoy treehouse living. Search Airbnb for tree houses near your state, and you're guaranteed to find something close enough to be easy, but far enough away to still get away from it all. Since this style of hotel has seen a surge in popularity lately, which means that smaller ones are cropping up all over the place, they shouldn't be that hard to find. If you don't have the time or means to flee to France or travel to the coast, see what's in your own backyard.