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30 Wildest Things Spotted at the Airport

A majestic beast in its natural habitat.

You know this scarred a kid or two for life.

I hope mom has a sense of humor...

Conclusive proof that airports hate us and actively try to make us miserable.

But who would want to claim them?

A plane isn't the only way to go airborne.

It's the opposite of follow your nose...

They put so much effort into this, and the dogs won't even notice.

Maybe just leave the fish at home next time?

Someone's either getting a raise or getting fired...

Better safe than sorry, I guess.

Looks like you don't need a tank for sensory deprivation.

What it feels like waiting in a long security line.

I can't bring toothpaste on a plane, but a bullhorn is a-okay?

It's never a bad time to learn CPR!

It looks like Hell finally got an airport.

You better watch out or he'll steal your bags.

Don't pretend like you don't see it too!

Cute, but I bet it's still overpriced.

He has a connecting pirate ship to catch.

Someone should really tell him he can fly without a plane.

This doesn't look suspicious at all...

It takes creativity to get some peace and quiet at the airport.

I hope she fits in the overhead bin.

I hear it's high in fiber...

Are they timing you?

Clearly fake because everyone knows TSA agents don't work that hard.

Even planes have a sense of humor.

When you gotta go...

You might as well kill two birds with one stone.