30 Most Complained-About Airports in the U.S.

30 Most Complained-About Airports in the U.S. Odds are, no one looks forward to trips to the airport. With never-ending lines, poor amenities, delays, and cancellations, it's pretty hard to make an airport seem anything less than excruciatingly dull and tedious. Not to mention that it always seems like there are never enough outlets to plug in a phone or laptop between flights.

Every day, approximately 2.6 million passengers fly in and out of airports all around the United States. Some have great experiences, lines move quickly, the workers are friendly. In 2018, JD Power found that customer satisfaction with U.S. airports is at an all-time high. The reason for this? Better TSA communication makes security move faster, the implementation of self-service kiosks, and happier employees are a few reasons.

However, there are a few airports out there that have fallen more than a little short compared to others. Some flyers are happy with their experiences, while others are downright miserable. Outdated facilities, lousy service, canceled and delayed flights are just some of the ingredients in these disastrous airports.

In order to help you avoid an airport nightmare, we've made a list of 30 of the worst and most complained-about airports across the United States. We highly recommend avoiding these places unless you absolutely have to. Unless you like hellish airports then, by all means, go for it.

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