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15 U.S. Cities With the Worst Traffic

Washington, D.C.

There’s always something happening in the nation’s capital, and commuters regularly file into and out of the city via Interstates 66, 95, and the Capital Beltway. Despite a well-oiled public transportation system, the congestion is real. Every year, this center of government ranks at the top of INRIX’s Global Traffic Scorecard.

Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta is home to five major sports teams and a vibrant downtown, so it’s no wonder residents and tourists are always on the move. Construction of the Atlanta Falcons’ new stadium has contributed to the congestion at the junction of interstates 285, 75, and 85, but that should ease up in June 2017.


Los Angeles, California

In 2016, INRIX found the City of Angels to have the most congested traffic situation of all the cities in the 38 countries studied. The study estimates that drivers spent approximately 104 frustrating hours on gridlocked Los Angeles roadways.


New York City, New York

With the traffic issues in Gotham, it’s no wonder many of its residents opt to walk or travel by subway. Recent efforts to make the city more cyclist- and walker-friendly, including the construction of pedestrian plazas and bike lanes, have made NYC roads considerably less driver-friendly.

Dallas, Texas

I-35 through Dallas is one of the most clogged sections of interstate in the Lone Star State, and the LBJ Freeway sees about 270,000 vehicles every day. Considering the population of the metropolitan area is around 6 million, traffic could be a lot worse. It’s mostly a beast during rush hour.

Houston, Texas

Nearly 6 million people live, work, and drive in Greater Houston. Once completed, State Highway 99, a 180-mile loop, should help ease the headaches of Houstonites on the road. Until then, public transportation is an option. METRO offers buses, lift vans, and three light-rail lines to take you where you need to go.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Millions of people visit Sin City every year. If you add that to the perpetual construction on the Spaghetti Bowl, a Las Vegas Strip that never sleeps, and more than half a million locals with cars, then it makes sense that roadways here are clogged. When in Vegas, don’t let traffic get you down. Take the bus, tram, or monorail

Seattle, Washington

An exploding tech industry is one reason more people are relocating to Seattle. Challenged by the population growth, current infrastructure can quickly become congested. Efforts are underway to improve transportation and expand the light rail system in Emerald City, but for now, it’s a good idea to avoid rush hour.

Honolulu, Hawaii

Living in paradise sounds amazing, but if you have to drive to work, it’s not as blissful as it sounds. Hawaii’s capital always lands near the top of traffic studies. The latest from TomTom suggests commuters spend an agonizing extra 34 minutes a day rolling slowly along miserably congested roads.

Miami, Florida

Miami ranked sixth in the nation as having the worst traffic congestion in TomTom’s 2016 Traffic Index. Efforts to add a tunnel and enhance public transportation are in progress to remedy this seaport city’s transit trouble.

Chicago, Illinois

According to INRIX, Chicago is the ninth most congested city in the United States. In fact, three of the nation’s worst bottleneck spots are in the Windy City: Canalport, 18th Street, and Ruble Street. Happy Tourist Tip; Build in extra drive time for an adventure at Wrigley Field, Navy Pier, or other popular attractions.

Portland, Oregon

Up 3% from last year, Portland’s hectic traffic situation is on the rise. Oregon’s largest city was ranked 82nd most congested in the world by TomTom’s 2016 Traffic Index.

San Fransisco, California

With more than 850,000 residents and a constant stream of tourists, road conditions can get serious in the Golden City. A recent report speculates the majority of the congestion is courtesy of Uber, Lyft, and other transportation network company drivers.

Bridgeport, Connecticut

Bridgeport is a medium-sized city with an inordinate amount of traffic. To resolve the issue, city planners are redesigning interstate interchanges and have built a “speed lane” on I-95 in nearby Norwalk.

Boston, Massachusetts

Built so long ago, Boston lacks major thoroughfares, creating situations ripe for traffic jams. Those in the know recommend avoiding I-93 and I-95 during rush hour. Additionally, taking advantage of the public transit system is recomended.