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Where Do the 1% Travel?

10. Bora Bora

Ah, French Polynesia — all the beauty of Pacific island living made better by the food of France. Watch shark feedings, swim with turtles, and just take in all of the scenic beauty surrounding an island basically composed of resorts. From the shores of Matira Beach to the top of the dormant volcano Mount Otemanu, everything on Bora Bora is either lush greens and blues or five-star dining and lodging.


9. Dubai

Dubai is basically the concept of "new money" turned into a physical location on earth. You can visit places with names like "The Miracle Garden" or "Dolphinarium." You can tour the desert sands on an ATV or in a hot air balloon. Or, you can wander the city aimlessly, slack-jawed in wonder at the incredible (if nakedly ostentatious) architecture.


8. Monaco

Monaco is a classic destination for the well-to-do. If you want to see natural beauty, head down to Larvotto Beach to sunbathe. Or, if you prefer a little excitement, you can head to the Monte-Carlo Casino, or take in the Monaco Grand Prix. There's a reason that every movie about a jet-setting spy or billionaire superhero winds up in Monaco eventually. It's basically a theme park for the insanely rich.


7. Fiji

A common theme among the most exclusive or expensive places to travel is remoteness. It makes sense: the harder it is to get somewhere or the more tiny boats and puddle jumpers you have to use to hop to your destination, the less affordable that trip becomes. But in the case of places like Fiji, the natural beauty more than makes up for the trouble.


6. British Virgin Islands

One of the nice things about the British Virgin Islands is that if you get tired of the beach you're on, there are nearly 30 other beaches nearby. Some of those beaches are among the islands' 28 national parks. Other areas include mountain hiking amidst some of the most gorgeous scenery on earth. If you're more culturally-minded, the area's storied history is on full display, and there are a wealth of local dance and music festivals to attend.


5. Geneva

The average cost of a night's stay in Geneva is $268. On the other hand, four- and five-star properties average around $500 a night, though some of that may be rooms like the $67,000-a-night Royal Suite at the Hotel President driving up the average. The chocolate and the alps may both be phenomenal, but more than likely it's the banks who drive up the cost of staying here, giving countless millionaires a quasi-legitimate excuse to go hang out in the gorgeous mountains.


4. Singapore

Asian millionaires outnumber millionaires in the U.S., and the highest concentration of those millionaires are in Singapore. It makes sense that the country is well-equipped to cater to the super rich. From gorgeous man-made gardens to the first Formula One night race, there are plenty of places to play. Car culture (specifically, supercar culture) is advanced to the point that some places let you park your car in your condo to display it proudly. The city is so well-maintained that its public transit system sits at #5 on TripAdvisor's "Things to Do" list, with 4.5 stars and 1,404 recommendations.


3. Penthouse Suite at the Hôtel Martinez

Cannes, France

Looking for something a little more specific? This $43,000-a-night penthouse features a jacuzzi on a private terrace overlooking the Bay of Cannes. When you're done soaking, you can shower off in one of the two marble bathrooms and retire in one of four bedrooms. A 24-hour concierge service attends to your needs in addition to the butler service, which the Hyatt's website lists casually next to "coffee maker" under the list of amenities.



2. Ty Warner Penthouse at the Four Seasons

New York City

The pinnacle of a New York experience, this $58,000-a-night penthouse sits atop the Four Seasons hotel in Manhattan, and floor-to-ceiling windows surrounding the entire suite make the most of the view. Once inside, you have televisions programmed for a massive array of stations from around the planet, unlimited global phone calls, a personal butler and masseuse, and the choice between a Rolls-Royce Phantom or a Mercedes Maybach for travels during your stay. The trappings in the 9-room suite include a Thai canopy bed with a handmade Hästens Vividus mattress, a private spa that opens out to one of the balconies, and a Bösendorfer grand piano in the library.


1. Their Own Private Island

Sure, you can fly out somewhere expensive and stay in a grand resort, but everyone knows that the real lap of luxury is an island that nobody else knows about or can access. You'll be perfectly free from unwanted intrusions as you chill in the castle that you had moved over, brick by brick, from the hills of Scotland.