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U.S. Cities With Perfect Year-Round Weather

10. Denver, Colorado

Average Yearly High: 65°F
Days with Precipitation (average): 80

Being so near the Rocky Mountains, you might think that Denver is a winter travel destination.  The city actually sees the highest hotel occupancy rates during the summer when the average high is only 88°F, and the humidity is considerably lower than coastal cities. Some residents don't even have air conditioners; they simply utilize fans.

9. Albuquerque, New Mexico

Average Yearly High: 69°F
Days with Precipitation (average): 61

With an average high of around 90°F in the summer, Albuquerque escapes some of the scorching heat of other Southwestern cities. That's not to say it isn't hot during the summer, but the humidity during these months hovers around 30%. That's half of what it typically is in New York City. The biggest talking point is the over 3,500 hours of sunshine per year Albuquerque typically receives.

8. St. George, Utah

Average Yearly High: 77°F
Days with Precipitation (average): 45

With over 300 days of sunshine, it's easy to get your tan on in St. George. Even if it does get cloudy, don't expect rain. The only thing that keeps this city from ranking higher are the hot summer months. While it might average around 100°F in July and August, the desert nights cool down to a much more pleasant mid-70s temperature.

7. Modesto, California

Average Yearly High: 76°F
Days with Precipitation (average): 56

Winters that average around 55°F sound pretty great to us. And since the city receives so little rain, only 13 inches, it lacks a full-featured storm sewer system. Summers do get hot, though, averaging around the mid-90s. 

6. Las Cruces, New Mexico

Average Yearly High: 76°F
Days with Precipitation (average): 52

Dry hot summers are the name of the game in Las Cruces. The weather is so sunny here that Spaceport America, the world's first commercial spaceport, was built nearby. If the weather is good enough for Virgin Galactic to use a launch site for rockets, it's good enough for us, too.

5. Las Vegas, Nevada

Average Yearly High: 80°F
Days with Precipitation (average): 27

Las Vegas has the least amount of rainy days on the list. So few, in fact, that if you add them all up over the course of a year, it comes out to less than a month of precipitation. Averages of 105°F in the summer are more than made up for by extremely low humidity (around 15%) and 60°F winters.

4. Phoenix, Arizona

Average Yearly High: 87°F
Days with Precipitation (average): 37

Over 90% of the year is sunny in Phoenix, with 330 days of sunshine. Though the humidity is quite low, the days can easily become scorching in summer with averages of over 105°F in the summer. What keeps Phoenix from ranking higher is the city's heat island effect. As the urban area increases, heat throughout the day is absorbed and released slowly at night, meaning 80°F evenings are not uncommon.

3. Bakersfield, California

Average Yearly High: 77°F
Days with Precipitation (average): 39

Bakersfield, California averages 191 days where clouds cover less than a third of the sky. Summers are hot, but not nearly as warm as Phoenix. Mild weathers are also a key feature of Bakersfield's pleasant weather, yet there's one area the city could address. Unfortunately, the city has above average ozone-pollution.

(image via Bobak Ha'Eri, CC)

2. Los Angeles, California

Average Yearly High: 75°F
Days with Precipitation (average): 36

Los Angeles has the double benefit of short, mild winters and warm, pleasant summers. Summer highs only average around 85°F thanks to the city's proximity to the ocean. 186 days of clear skies throughout the year means that even during the wettest month, you should only anticipate about 6 rainy days.

1. Sacramento, California

Average Yearly High: 74°F
Days with Precipitation (average): 60

California is clearly the state with the best year-round weather. Four of its cities rank in the top 10, and the state occupies all top three spots. Sacramento is king when it comes to pleasant weather. With sunshine 81% of the year, warm summers that are tempered by breezes from the San Francisco Bay, and mild winters that average 55°F, the city can boast the best year-round weather in the country.