Happiest Cities in the Nation

How content are your neighbors? Do they like the neighborhood? Is there enough to do in the city to keep them satisfied? And how about yourself? Do you like your neighbors and the local restaurants? It seems like there’s not much middle ground when it comes to your thoughts on a place — you either love it or you hate it, and the longer you stay in one spot, the more those feelings are likely to grow or change.

There are some cities in the nation that people seem to love. Yes, visitors love them, but so do the long-term residents. These are cities full of people who are proud to call them home. Whether they moved there or grew up down the road from their current home, these cities residents won’t be moving anytime soon because they’re so happy with where they live.

The Community Well-Being Index is a report produced by Gallup and Healthways that measures the opportunities cities provide for social and financial success, community integration, and life purpose for their residents. Based on their studies of almost 200 communities nationwide, they named these 20 cities the happiest in the states.

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