The U.S. States With the Highest Amounts of Stress

We all make decisions in our lives that cause them to be more stressful than they really should be. Sometimes, however, stressors are external and out of our personal control.

When it comes to these external stress contributors, some states have more weighing down on their residents than other states do. The money mavens at Wallet Hub have compiled a methodology to rank each state based on its stress levels. These 15 states are where people are most likely to throw their hands up in angst at the sky or pull their hair out.

To determine which states faired the worst, experts compiled data from work-related stress inducers, including average commute times, unemployment rates and job security. They also examined the topics of family life (specifically divorces rates and the cost of childcare), money problems (including bankruptcy rates and credit scores), and residents' health (by looking at depression, obesity, and crime rates).

In examining the list, we came to realize that the southeastern portion of the country came out with the short end of the stick. The highest concentration of "high-stress" states seems to be clustered in this area. Poor rankings in the health categories seemed to do most of the damage to a state's overall ranking. Of the top 15 states with the highest amounts of stress, half had "Health & Safety" as their worst performing metric.

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