The Most Surreal Buildings Around the World

These are the most surreal buildings in the world. They’re the type of buildings that make it impossible to zone out in the middle of the city — well, they’ll at least grab your attention if you have zoned out! In the middle of concrete jungles and flashing neon ads, these buildings are a breath of fresh air. They aren’t like anything you’ve ever seen before. They’re the type of building that will make you wish you had followed up on your 10-year old LEGO-loving self’s dream of becoming an architect.

These aren’t just skyscrapers. Sure, we’ve got some of those on this list. The Petronas Towers in Malaysia and the Dynamic Tower in Qatar made the list, but that’s just because they’re beautiful and unique, unlike most skyscrapers. Most of the crazy buildings we have on this list aren’t skyscrapers. You can even live in some! A perfect example is the Cubic Houses of Rotterdam or the $456 million Bubble House. They’re completely unique homes. We’ve also found some buildings that are straight out of the fairytales we grew up on, like the Crooked House in Poland or the Mind House in Spain. Maybe you want something to send a chill down your spine. If so, check out 33 Thomas Street in New York. It’s a towering, windowless concrete building that is regarded as one of America’s most secure places.

No matter what you’re looking for, we’ve got it here. Prepare to be blown away by these surreal buildings!

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