The Most Dangerous Roads in the World

In the U.S., we are somewhat spoiled by our interstate system. It's large, sweeping, and (even though we complain about underfunded infrastructure) still in great shape when it comparing it to the majority of the world. That makes sense. Car culture was born here, and there aren't many other places where a "road trip" can mean getting in your car and heading from coast to coast.

Some countries have challenging geographical features that make building roads impractical. Why can't you get in a car and drive from Canada down to Argentina or Chile in the car even though North and South America are connected? Well, there's this really thick impenetrable rain forest that is cost-prohibitive. That goes for much of western Brazil, as well. The Amazonian Basin is just too thick to cut through and the upkeep would be astronomical. Nepal is nestled high in the Himalayas. Would you like to try to build a road through those? No thank you!

In America, we also have certain safety codes that need to be met in order for construction to go ahead and for the general public to begin using the road. In other countries around the globe, sometimes these safety codes just aren't at the same level, if they exist at all. Nevertheless, people still traverse these dangerous pathways. Here are some of the most frightening to be found.

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