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Scariest Haunted Houses in the U.S.

10. Kersey Valley Spookywoods

Greensboro, North Carolina

With an array of activities and scares, Kersey Valley Spookywoods is sure to be a hit for the whole family. Open all year round, after you’ve been scared by the first class actors, you can enjoy the corn maze, zip line, and treasure hunt.

(image via Kersey Valley Spookywoods)

9. Erebus

Pontiac, Michigan

Framing itself as a hidden time machine, Erebus sends guests to a time where they are seen as a plague that must be wiped out. This storytelling device allows visitors to experience full immersion within the overall narrative, rather than simply waiting for monsters to jump out from behind corners.

(image via wxmom, CC)

8. The Dent Schoolhouse

Cincinnati, Ohio

Making the commonplace terrifying, this haunted house shows haunted school dances and bodies hanging from rafters. Because the attraction changes so much of its horrors each year, returning fans will always experience something new.

(image via The Dent Schoolhouse)

7. Netherworld

Atlanta, Georgia

Known for its daring stunts and impressive makeup, this attraction is always trying to top its previous season. This horror spectacle employs over 150 actors, many of which roam the parking lots and scare visitors after they thought the night was over.

(image via emeryjl, CC)

6. The 13th Gate

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

As more talent in the film industry movies to southern Louisiana, haunted houses such as The 13th Gate are able to foster state-of-the-art makeup and skilled actors to sell their illusions. With over 200 actors and 13 themed areas, you will be able to find new ways to be scared with each return visit.

(image via 13th Gate)

5. House of Torment

Austin, Texas

As its name might suggest, this horror attraction aims for disgust and discomfort. With an array of creatures dripping with blood, this haunted house is sure to cause nightmares for even its most courageous patrons.

(image via House of Torment)

4. Cutting Edge

Fort Worth, Texas

Using an abandoned meat packing facility as its base, Cutting Edge plays on even your most intimate fears, from clowns to psychotic rabbits. The intricate set takes nearly an hour to get through, with surprises around every corner.

(image via Cutting Edge Haunted House)

3. The Bates Motel

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Paying tribute to Alfred Hitchcock’s famed Psycho, this Victorian mansion is filled with scares on each floor. Also on location is the Haunted Hayride, which takes guests on a monster-filled ride through the nearby forest.

(image via barnyardbbs, CC)

2. The Darkness

St. Louis, Missouri

With a strict attention to detail and elaborate sets, this 3D experience is seen by some as the scariest haunted house in the country. The vivid animation and moving sets aim to raise the hair on the heads of large groups of visitors.

(image via

1. Pennhurst Asylum

Spring City, Pennsylvania

Located inside an actual former mental institution, Pennhurst Asylum makes use of its abandoned cells and the questionable history of medical experimentation to create an atmosphere of terror. It is frequently named the scariest haunted house in the country by several publications, including USA Today.

(image via sahrah, CC)