13 Most Haunted Places in the U.S.

As a nation, we love seeing things that are strange, creepy, and out of the ordinary. That’s why so many reality shows go above and beyond to capture our attention. While abandoned places are one of the top places people love to visit, America also has an obsession with the supernatural. We love to wonder what’s on the other side when we pass. Is it our loved ones? Is it something scarier? Is there anything at all? These are questions we’ve asked ourselves at least once in our lives.

Because of this, we love anything and everything ghosts. There’s nothing wrong with that because the world also loves it. Every nation has superstitions that involve spirits haunting after something tragically went wrong in their lives, or maybe they just want one more day on Earth. With that being said, some places are a little more…active than others (to put it lightly).

If you like thrills and chills, these creepy places will be right up your alley. Go on a tour or spend the night, but whatever you do, don't venture away from the group. From former asylums to houses with a troubled past, these haunted locations will make anyone believe in ghosts.

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