25 Hippie Hot Spots of the '60s

25 Hippie Hot Spots of the '60s. However en vogue it may be, this generation didn't invent the bohemian living. Way back in the '60s, free-spirits wandered the globe to promote their rhetoric of peace and love while also shedding their worldly attachments. The bohemian lifestyle wasn't easy, but the hippies of the '60s and beyond loved it.

Starry-eyed idealists’ hippies from across the globe came together to create a culture that was founded in rebellion and fueled a revolutionary and turbulent time in the world's history. Even today, almost sixty years after the culture took off, the bohemian lifestyle is a popular subculture that still sees hippie enthusiasts dressing in classic hippie garb and enforcing self-exploration of all kinds.

The original hippie movement was all about living simply with similar people while they found themselves. In order to do that, they had to find the best places to do all of this. So, they set out. From the United States to Europe, to Africa, to the Middle East, hippies moved across the globe to spread their messages of peace and love.

However reluctantly, some hippie hotspots have embraced the culture after the initial hippie invasions. Even now, some of the places mentioned on this list continue to embrace the hippie 'make love not war' ideology, and modern hippies flock to find like-minded people.

So, let's go with the flow and take a look back in time. Here are 25 places that were hot spots for hippie gatherings in the 1960s!

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