American Cities Stuck in the 1960s

American Cities Stuck in the 1960s. Driving across the United States can be a trip. Some towns feel like they're living in the future while others feel as though they're stuck in the past. It isn't altogether a bad thing, but it can certainly be a trip. Out of all the decades, the '60s may be one of the best. Sure, it had its troubles, but the people from this generation are about peace and love. They were the ones that grew up with Woodstock and realized that life can be more than just busy, busy, busy. 

Today we're going to go over some towns that are stuck in the era of love. If you visit these American cities, you might just think you've traveled back in time to the "flower power" heyday of the 1960s. The original baby boomer hippies have inspired a whole new generation to take up the causes of free love, environmentalism, and holistic spiritualism. The peace, love, and happiness movement of the 60s may be long gone, but these towns clearly did not get the message—they're still living it up like it's 1969! And hey, that's just fine with us; the world could use a little more weird! If you're a fan of impromptu drum circles, patchouli, or just a general hippie vibe, here are the 30 American cities you need to visit! 

Have you visited any of these towns? What did you think about the vibe? Peace out.

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