20 Tourist Destinations That Aren't Worth Your Time

When you’re going on vacation, you usually have a list of places you want to see. More often than not, those places are tourist destinations that every website recommends as the “top” attraction for the city. The thing about that is that everyone will do the same thing and visit the same location. That fun tourist destination turns into an overcrowded, overpriced journey where you probably won’t have half as much fun as you want.

For example, you’ve probably been told that you have to kiss the Blarney Stone if you ever visit Ireland. We’re here to tell you that any vision you may have of the Blarney Stone is probably wrong. It’s nothing more than a wall people lean backward and kiss. If you think about the millions of people that have visited the castle to get their smooch on, you may not want to put your lips on the smooth surface – by the way, it’s only smooth because so many people have rubbed their lips against the stone. Instead, you can visit another place, but we’ll leave that for later.

Unless you want to go there just to say you've been, we’re going to recommend that it’s best to avoid them altogether. Instead, we’re listing attractions that are actually worth visiting. Most of these places are far less crowded and give you the experience you’re looking for. 

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