20 Abandoned Locations Around the World

Instagram has transformed our world. Even if you aren’t on it, it’s impacted you in some way. One way is bringing things to light that you wouldn’t have otherwise seen, things like abandoned places. For example, a few years back, a photographer named Seph Lawless went around and photographed a bunch of places that ended up on Instagram. We saw Youtubers breaking into places they really shouldn’t be in just for a moment in the spotlight. Eventually, these things ended up in articles, then on Facebook, then in your inbox. The birth of the internet and all of its random content has brought these places back into the light.

The internet hasn’t done much other than that for these locations, though. We left these places for a reason, and it’s stayed that way. Sometimes, we left was because they were dangerous. Sometimes, we outgrew them. For one spot, we left because Communism crumbled. Either way, when we forgot about these places, nature set to work reclaiming it. The result is a bunch of almost mystical spots being created. They’re not quite creepy, but they’re not quite normal. They’re in between places. They’re abandoned places, and these are the most striking.

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