13 Tourist Destinations that Are Probably Cursed

When most of us think about vacations, we think about sunny beaches or even cold mountain terrains. Regardless of the temperature, it’s almost always beautiful, and it’s an experience of a lifetime. Some locations are known for attracting people from all over the world with their amazing sights, sounds, food, and culture. However, not every location on the planet has the distinction of being visually pleasing.

Sometimes, bad things happen. Some tourist destinations are scary and have a specific theme that makes tourists flock to them…but not by the millions. When bad things happen, something can be left behind that makes it dangerous for people to visit. Not dangerous like an extremely steep cliff, but something else. We’re talking about curses.

Whether it’s a mysterious magic that’s designed to keep people away or pure evil, some tourist destinations are known for being terrifyingly scary due to a curse. Traveling to sites with unfortunate past histories may give you the feeling that you have some unwanted extra companions.

We’re not here to say that you shouldn’t visit these places, but if you do, you may want to bring a little bit of good juju with you to keep you safe from anything….unwanted.

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