10 Holiday Getaways Better Than Visiting Your In-Laws

10 Holiday Getaways Better Than Visiting Your In-Laws. The holidays are fast approaching. By now, you may have seen your first snow, and Christmas is right around the corner. The gifts are wrapped and the menu for the day has long been sealed. Are you as excited about green bean casserole and Christmas ham as much as we are? You know what we’re not excited for when this season: visiting family. While our own family is pretty tough to deal with, dealing with the in-laws can be even more difficult.

Ah, the holiday season, and those pesky family obligations. Family obligations are pretty rough to deal with, and they’re rearing their ugly head because you’re stuck with the possibility of putting up with your spouse’s family. Maybe they aren’t that horrible, but it can still be pretty awkward, right?

Christmas is supposed to be a joyous time but thinking about the bickering may make you feel that it’d be better just to get away. You’re not alone. Many people decide to have a holiday getaway rather than visiting the in-laws. In fact, some people would rather be in Hell than spend the holidays listening to their mother- and father-in-law.

Actually, you know what, going to Hell can be arranged. Surprisingly enough, there are several places around the world that are lightyears better than Christmas with the in-laws. Trust us; you’ll probably prefer spending your holiday vacation in these 10 literal Hells. They’re actually a lot nicer than you may think…

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