The 15 Best Cities for People Who Love Winter

What’s the best city for people that love winter? That’s right, some people love this season. Some people like the sun, and they can’t wait for summer. They can’t wait to be on the beach and get a bronzy tan. While that’s great and all, not everyone feels the same way. Some people would much rather spend the afternoon curled up to a fireplace as it crackles and creates a cozy, warm atmosphere no one would want to leave.

Instead of the steady 80-degree weather of California, you may seek out somewhere that has snow more often than not. Nothing is better than a beautiful, white flurry in Colorado, right? When it comes to cold climate connoisseurs and summer lovers, the line is clearly drawn. You’re either one or the other. There’s nothing wrong with that because winter-weather lovers are some of the best people in the world.

Whether you’re looking for a vacation or somewhere to move, we’ve found some cities that are ideal during the winter. They have festivals and the best things to do during the snowy seasons. Best of all, they know how to handle winter weather in a way that every state can only stare in envy.

We have something for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you love spending your chilly day outside, wading through a winter wonderland, or if you’d rather curl up and read a good book through the afternoon while sipping a delicious cup of hot cocoa with speckles of delicious marshmallows.

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