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The 35 Best Cities for Football Fans

Green Bay, WI

The Green Bay Packers are famously owned by a group of shareholders. These shareholders get to vote on matters pertaining to the team, and they ensure that the team stays in Green Bay. Did I mention that there are 360,000 shareholders? This results in a community-oriented team any fan would be proud to live around.

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Baton Rouge, LA

Even though the Saints are out of New Orleans, an Experian survey lists Baton Rouge as one of the five metros in the nation that loves the NFL the most (tied with New Orleans). They’re both great places for football, and they're only a couple of hours away from each other! 

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Boston, MA

Boston is about as enthusiastic about their sports as a city can be, even if its fan base may be a tad antagonistic. (You'll see "YANKEES SUCK" shirts being sold outside of games where the Yankees aren't even playing!) 

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Fayetteville, AR

Arkansas isn't the first place many people think of when they think of football. In fact, the state doesn't even have an NFL team. But, that leads the entire state to unify around the University of Arkansas Razorbacks with an intensity that most people reserve for their religions. Be ready to experience “calling the hogs” at any location or occasion! 

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Dallas, TX

Dallas is home to one of the most ardent football followings in the country. With five Super Bowl championships under their belt, the fervor is understandable. It may not be the most affordable city for football, but compared to places like New York or San Francisco, it's reasonable! 

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New York City, NY

New York is going to show up on any list of best cities because it caters to so many interests. The downside is that a ticket will cost you more here than just about anywhere else in the country. But, with such a plethora of sports teams (The Giants, Jets, and college teams), you may be willing to look past the increased costs. 

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Auburn, AL

Auburn is home to one of the fiercest rivalries in American sports. They began playing against their state rival, Alabama, way back in 1893, and since then, the city has only grown more and more fiercely loyal to their team in this divided state. You can see this by strolling down the streets of Auburn. Not only is everything orange and blue, but anytime there’s a great game, they’d “roll the corner,” throwing toilet paper on 130-year-old oak trees. Well, until an Alabama fan poisoned the trees. The rivalry is crazy.

Seattle, WA

The Seahawks recently came out of back-to-back Super Bowls, and while they may have lost the second one to the Pats, they're still going strong. Seattle also has the Division-I Washington Huskies and a relatively high level of accessibility and affordability.

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Tuscaloosa, AL

Like Arkansas, Tuscaloosa doesn't have its own NFL team, but that means the entire state pours its heart into its premier collegiate team. The Crimson Tide has a long and storied history. Even the name goes back to 1907 when it was used to describe the then-unnamed team during the Alabama-Auburn game. 

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Pittsburgh, PA

The Steelers have won more Super Bowls than any other team. They also scored first out of 245 cities for accessibility and fan engagement on WalletHub's survey, a metric measured by things like ticket prices, social media engagement, and sports bars per capita.

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Gainesville, FL

Florida is a bit crazy with all the tourists and alligators running around, but Floridians seem to have taken it to heart. The Florida Gators are a great team, and the whole nation knows it. Heck, Gatorade was originally made for them back in the ‘60s. They’re a big deal, and Gainesville is proud.

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Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles has two NFL teams: the Los Angeles Chargers and the Los Angeles Rams. Whether you root for the Chargers or the Rams, there are tons of places to celebrate the football season from dozens of sports bars and a fantastic area to tailgate right near the stadium. Word has it, Los Angeles fans also don’t mind what team you cheer for – although that’s just hearsay.

Clemson, SC

Clemson Tigers are one of the most beloved teams in college sports. They aren’t an extremely polarizing team in most of the nation, but they consistently produce some of the best athletes in the nation. If you visit, prepare to be blinded by orange.

Denver, CO

The Broncos have lost more Super Bowls than any other team, but that's partly because they've been eight times. Only three other teams can say that. In addition to the Broncos, The University of Colorado Boulder's team, the Buffaloes, is a Division 1 team. The average price of a ticket for a Broncos game is $101, as per The Denver Post. (The number of sports bars per capita isn't shabby, either.)

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Cincinnati, OH

Cincinnati is home to the iconic Bengals tigers. They’re easily recognizable for slapping their iconic stripes on everything from their helmets to Star Wars Storm Troopers. That’s not all though. They’ve been around since the ‘60s, and after doing great in the American Football league, they moved to the NFL in 1970. They struggled a bit in the ‘90s and early 2000s, but their fans’ loyalty has never wavered.

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New Orleans, LA

The fleur-de-lis may be an iconic French Catholic icon, but here in America, it’s taken on a whole new meaning. One of our most unique cities and culturally diverse cities adopted it as the icon of their NFL football team. The people of New Orleans are passionate about everything they do and are well-known for their ability to celebrate better than anybody else. What’s a better reason to celebrate than a fantastic football team? 

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Buffalo, NY

Buffalo, NY is home to one of the most iconic places on the continent: Niagara Falls. Tourists to this city can’t help but notice that the citizens of Buffalo are passionate about something else too: The Bills. The NFL team Buffalo Bills have an almost cult following, even going by the “Bills Mafia” on Twitter. Expect to be blown away by Buffalo’s dedication to their team.

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San Francisco, CA

If there was ever a city with a history of NFL football, it’s the 49ers. San Francisco has hosted the 49ers since the ‘40s, making it a longer standing professional team than most of its competitors. And although they haven’t won a Super Bowl in years, fans still carry the winners attitude they gained during their winning streak in the ‘80s and ‘90s.

Las Vegas, NV

After the Raiders left Oakland, they decided to call Las Vegas home. Let’s be honest, Las Vegas is an incredibly fun place to visit any time of the year, but during football season, the city has a special buzz about it.

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Indianapolis, IN

The Indianapolis Colts have one of the strongest sports followings in the nation. Thanks to the years Peyton Manning spent winning NFL games with the Colts, they gained a passionate national following. If you take a visit to this northern city, expect to be surrounded by their iconic blue. Their fans are everywhere.

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Columbus, OH

Columbus is host to Ohio State University. The Buckeyes football have one of the strongest fan bases for any team in the nation, and they routinely dominate their conference. Prepare yourself for some die-hard fans and insane games if you visit.

Notre Dame, IN

Notre Dame is a tiny town in Northern Indiana with about 6,700 people. It hosts three colleges, however, including the University of Notre Dame, a prestigious University that’s been around for over 150 years and boasts a population twice the size of the town. It’s easy to see why the town has such a strong relationship with their beloved Fighting Irish football team.

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Philadelphia, PA

Philly was the winner of the 2018 NFL Championship, so naturally, it’s a great place to celebrate football. Even before the Eagles won, the city was full of hype and energy anytime football season rolled around. Our suggestion is that you don’t say anything bad about the Eagles (or good about the Steelers).

Ann Arbor, MI

Ann Arbor is consistently one of the best places to live in the states, and what better way to up the ante than to add in the University of Michigan Wolverines football program. They play football like their city scores on the best places to live list: extremely well. And what fan wouldn’t want to support the team that boasts 11 national titles?

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East Lansing, MI

The Michigan State Spartans were appropriately named: they are a fierce, good team, and their fans know it. The whole city seems to turn out for their games, filling their Spartan Stadium with 80,000 fans dressed head to toe in their signature green. In fact, East Lansing supports their Spartans so much that they consistently score in the top 25 for the highest attended football games in the NCAA for 61 straight years. That’s generations of dedication.

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Madison, WI

If you go to Madison, Wisconsin in anything other than red and white, expect to see a quarter of a million sideways glances. You’ll stick out like a sore thumb if you aren’t repping the Badgers. You’d be better off grabbing a red-shirt and attending a game in the fourth-oldest football stadium in the states with 80,000 of your new best friends.

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Athens, GA

Any place with the confidence to name themselves “Athens” has to be confident in who they are, and Athens, Georgia is. It’s a great city, and they support their team through thick and thin, even when they lose the national championship by just three points as they did in early 2018.

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Austin, TX

Austin is one of the pride cities of the United States. It’s the capital of Texas, a great city for culture, and home to the iconic University of Texas. The university alone has over 50,000 students and 24,000 faculty and staff, so you can be sure that the ninth-largest stadium in the world will packed come game night. If you want to be surrounded by fans, there is no better option than Austin.

Eugene, OR

Eugene Oregon is the birth-city of Nike, still holding the headquarters there, so you can be sure that the University of Oregon, also located in Eugene, is just down the road. It’s a super athletic city, and with amazing sports going on in every area, you won’t be able to help but get caught up in the enthusiasm. Grab your brightest yellow shirt and go support those Ducks!

Boise, ID

People don’t seem to travel to Boise, Idaho too much, but the people who do seem to stick around. It’s a stunning city with tons to do, plenty to eat, mountains out back, and a fantastic football team. You really can’t go wrong with this gem of a city!

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Miami, FL

Miami takes football pretty seriously. They’re home to the Dolphins and the University of Miami’s Hurricanes. Whether NFL or college, Miami loves to tailgate and root for their team, even if they have a hard time winning its games. Bar Stool Sports listed the Dolphins as one of the NFL’s most tortured fan bases.

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Oakland, CA

Oakland is home to the Raiders. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, the Raiders have a lot of history. They were established in the ‘60s, and fans have been cheering them on ever since. In fact, Raiders fans are some of the most engaged NFL fans out there. Unfortunately, the Raiders are moving to Las Vegas.  

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Glendale, AZ

Glendale has the Cardinals, and they’re not much to talk about. However, their stadium is pretty amazing. They play at State Farm Stadium, which ranks as one of the most accessible NFL stadiums in the nation. Fans have a total of 63,400 buddies to hang out with when games roll around.  

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Atlanta, GA

There are some real fans in Atlanta, even if the Falcons aren’t the best team out there. Things have been looking up recently, however. Falcons have some wins under their belt, but the median price of tickets is still a little on the high side at $172 median price.

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Kansas City, MO

WalletHub ranked Kansas City as having one of the best-performing teams out there, which is great considering they also have one of the lowest average ticket prices for an NFL game, starting at $50. All we can say is, “Go Chiefs!”

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