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15 Vacation Destinations for Conspiracy Theorists

Area 51, Nevada

Area 51 is highly restricted and in popular culture has long been associated with aliens. Some believe the Air Force is reverse engineering crashed alien spacecraft or studying alien bodies at this facility.

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Dallas, TX

Following the assassination of JFK, a sloping hill inside Dealey Plaza in Dallas (now known as the Grassy Knoll) was identified by some eyewitnesses as the location from which at least one shot was fired. This belief still exists among those who believe Oswald did not act alone. 

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Hollywood, CA

We don't know which one, but some people believe that a Hollywood sound stage was the actual location of the six manned Moon landings we saw on TV. It is also beleived that the Apollo astronauts did not walk on the Moon, and that Stanley Kubrick directed filming of the hoax.

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Monte Rio, CA

Bohemian Grove ia a 2700 acre campground that belongs to a San Francisco-based men's art club that holds a yearly encampment of some of the most prominent men in the world. These men are rumored to have manipulated Nixon throughout his political career.

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Memphis, Tennesse

Some believe that Elvis is still in the building. Where better to search for him than Graceland? You can tour the house and examine his final resting place in the meditation garden. Will you see him or just feel his presence?

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Shakespeare was definitely born here, but did he really write all those plays? Some feel his eloquent language would have been impossible for an uneducated man to generate. Perhaps his name was usurped by the likes of Christopher Marlowe.

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Florida Everglades

In 1982, a mob hit man testified before a US Senate committee that Jimmy Hoffa had been shot & killed, ground up, put in a steel drum, and dumped in a swamp in the Florida Everglades. The hit man then entered witness protection.

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Denver, CO

Strange and disturbing murals at Denver International Airport are said to be signs of the New World Order being orchestrated by the Illuminati who are plotting to rule mankind with a single world government.

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Devizes, Wiltshire, UK

The Summer Lectures Crop Circle Conference 2017 in Devizes, Wiltshire UK is booking now. There's still time for you to sign up to explore the unexplained crop circle phenomenon. This year's conference explores the circles' connection to human consciousness.

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Amesbury, Salisbury, UK

Some theorists claim that the stones at Stonehinge are designed to be a cosmic portal, perhaps to other dimensions or realities. Others believe that numerous UFO sightings nearby indicate that it is some sort of Alien site.

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Harts Lake, WA

Bigfoot was recently spotted near Harts Lake, Washington. This was not the first or only report of a large, hairy Sasquatch creature roaming in this area. In fact, more than one Sasquatch has been reported by numerous witnesses.

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Seattle, WA

Did Kurt Cobain really kill himself in Seattle, or did he have some help passing on to the other side? One investigator has stoked the belief that Courtney Love and Michael Dewitt were involved in a conspiracy that resulted in Cobain's murder.

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Dulce Base, NM

Conspiracy theorists believe there is a secret underground medical research facility near Dulce, New Mexico. It is thought to be operated in part by Aliens whose research involves creating animal hybrids, like the minotaur and centaur.

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Two Rivers, WI

Did Steven Avery really murder Teresa Halbach here, or is he a victim of a Manitowoc County conspiracy to discredit and imprison him to save embarrassment over his previous wrongful conviction?

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Loch Ness, Scotland

Located in Scotland, this large fresh water lake is believed to be home to a giant monster sighted in 1885 by Roderick Matheson and supposedly captured in photography many times since. Some believe it to be a surviving dinosaur or overgrown eel.

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