Travel Apps for the Food Lover

Being on the road doesn't mean that a dedicated foodie has to put his or her passion on hold. If anything, travel is an opportunity to enjoy and document a wide variety of foods that would have otherwise been inaccessible to the food lover's palette. Luckily for those who are about to travel, there are a number of paid or free apps that are available to help food lovers find new food experiences while they are away from home.

  1. Evernote Food

    The popular note-taking service Evernote, well known for its applicability across multiple devices, has branched out with a new, food-specific app. Evernote Food allows foodies to take careful notes and pictures of every meal they eat and upload them to the app, leaving a detailed record of exceptional meals or local delicacies. This app is only $0.99 and is compatible with both Android and iOS.

  2. Airport Ace

    For many travelers, transiting through airports is equivalent to being in food purgatory: most of the options are from unappealing or relatively overpriced chains. The app Airport Ace is meant to alleviate this discomfort, as it has comprehensive lists of airport food options that can even be sorted by terminal or concourse. Thus, not only are travelers able to find something that will satisfy their needs, but they will also ensure that they are not still working through a meal far away from their gate when it is finally time to board. Airport Ace is available for iOS and sells for $0.99.

  3. Chefs Feed

    Sometimes there is simply no substitute for getting expert advice on where to eat worldwide from the chefs themselves. Chefs Feed, with collects reviews from professional chefs on the best dining destinations available in 16 different cities, is a way to connect foodies with the local favorites of chefs worldwide. Chefs Feed specializes on favorites by location, so foodies are guaranteed to be getting authentic dishes. Chefs Feed is a free app and is available for iOS.

  4. Ness

    The restaurant recommendations generated by Ness can best be described as what happens when foodie-ism is combined with online radio: Ness employs a unique algorithm that matches diners to restaurants based on their taste preferences. Diners will be able to control, for instance, the likely price of a meal or type of cuisine, and Ness will provide appropriate recommendations. Ness is free for iOS.

  5. Untappd

    Food lovers who are up-to-date on the latest eating and drinking trends will surely want to finish their night with a prime microbrew. Untappd is a location-based app that provides recommendations for bars nearby and highlights local specialties. The app also allows beer lovers to take notes on what they most preferred in case they come by again. Untappd is a free app for Apple, iOS, or Blackberry.

Any of these apps should be a strong starting point for those food lovers looking to explore other flavors in a new destination.