International Travel insurance is important when traveling abroad

Top 5 Best Travel Insurance Agencies

If you frequently travel, you may be interested in investing in a great travel insurance policy. Losing your luggage can quickly turn a trip sour. There can be nothing more frustrating than losing valuable jewelry, money or gifts due to lost luggage. Travel insurance policies can also provide you with protection in the event that you need to cancel a trip due to a circumstance beyond your control, such as a terrorist attack or bankruptcy.

Before you agree to an insurance policy, you should make sure that the policy is not riddled with exclusions, loopholes, or gray areas that can come back to bite you in the end. By choosing a top-rated travel insurance company, you can ensure that you will receive the proper coverage.

  1. Travelex Insurance Services

    Travelex Insurance Services provides extensive coverage for unanticipated events that may arise during your travels. The policies cover trip interruption, terrorism coverage and trip cancellation. The company offers a variety of plans that include Travel Basic, Travel Select, Travel Max, Travel Plus, and TraveLite. You can also work with an agent to modify a plan to provide the coverage that you need. Travel Basic plans provide coverage for missed connections on cruises, trip delays, baggage delays, medical expenses, medical evacuation, and travel assistance.

  2. TravelSafe Insurance

    Frommer’s Travel Magazine has provided TravelSafe Insurance with an A+ rating for its standing with the Better Business Bureau. TravelSafe Insurance is a great insurance company to consider if you are traveling in a group. The company’s group insurance plans provide coverage for pre-departure trip cancellation, post-departure trip interruption, missed connection, travel delay, sickness expenses, baggage delay, cancellation for any reason, and emergency medical evaluation.

  3. CSA Travel Protection

    CSA Travel Protection provides extensive benefits for travelers. The advantage of choosing CSA Travel Protection policies is that individuals enjoy maximum benefit limits. For medical expenses, this travel insurance company provides up to $50,000. Individuals have up to $50,000 for air flight accident coverage. Other features of a CSA Travel Protection policy are 24-hour emergency assistance, identity theft resolution services, and concierge services. Available add-ons include rental car damage and cancellation for any reason.

  4. American Express

    The benefit of choosing American Express travel insurance is that the policies are easily customizable. The company provides travel insurance policies, credit protection, and identity theft protection. You can purchase specific travel insurance policies for trip cancellation, baggage, rental cars, and medical care.

  5. Travel Insured International

    Travel Insured International is a reputable company that offers 24-hour customer service. Its insurance policies provide unique coverage like prescription drug, eyeglass, and passport replacement. Individuals may also receive medical or legal assistance. The company also provides hospital admission assistance for those who may be traveling in foreign countries.

As you look for a travel insurance company, you may want to consider any unique needs that you have. People who travel for athletic events, adventure trips, or business trips may require specific add-ons. Elderly travelers may also want to find a reputable insurance company that will provide coverage for individuals over the age of 65. These top-rated companies may be able to work with travelers who require specific types of travel insurance policies.

Last Updated: January 21, 2016