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Top 5 Best-Performing Affordable Luggage Options

As travel increases across the globe, the luggage industry has responding to this growing demand by launching lighter, cheaper and more durable suitcases. Some of the most recent luggage is made from polycarbonate resin, an ultra-lightweight and extremely durable material. One surprising trend is the reemergence of hard-sided cases. Their popularity has increased because they are now as lightweight as the soft-sided bags. Polycarbonate is not a new material as it is has been used for motorcycle helmets, bulletproof glass and riot gear for many years.

Best-Performing Inexpensive Luggage Options

When searching for luggage there are numerous choices online and in big box and small boutique stores. Luggage is now available in every size, shape, pattern and material. However, when maintaining a budget, it is important to find the best-performing luggage at the cheapest price. These top five include the following:

  1. Rockland Luggage Melbourne

    At under $150, this three-piece luggage set is made from 100% lightweight yet durable ABS material. Each suitcase features multi-directional spinner wheels, which rotate 360-degrees, as well as a sturdy ergonomically designed telescoping handle. Inside each luggage piece is a mesh zip pocket that is elastic to maximize space. This set is available in several bright colors so it is easy to spot when unloading from the baggage carousel.

  2. American Tourister Fieldbrook

    Completed constructed of 100% polyester material, the American Tourister Fieldbook 4-piece luggage set is priced under $100. The material is lightweight and features reinforced corners which protect packed items from even the most demanding conditions. There are many internal and external pockets to maintain a high level of organization. The telescoping handle features a push-button lock that keeps it in place while traveling.

  3. Samsonite Lightweight 2-Piece Set

    At under $300, the Samsonite Lightweight 2-Piece Hardside Spinner Set is constructed from polycarbonate which is durable and lightweight. The wheels have been re-engineered for smoother rolling and free pivoting. The interior features an enormous capacity that allows belongings to be packed neatly. The exterior of the luggage is coating to be completely scratch resistant.

  4. US Traveler New York 4-Piece Set

    Also priced under $100, the US Traveler New York 4-Piece luggage set marries functionality and innovation. Made of lightweight but durable tear-resistant fabric and polyester, this luggage set boasts high internal capacities to maximize organization. The top of the luggage features an add-a-bag strap that allows you to place a bag on the luggage, lock it in place and carry it effortlessly. The telescoping push-button handle system locks for easy traveling. Also, the inline wheels allow for smooth rolling across most surfaces.

  5. Samsonite Gravtec Line

    Priced at under $200, the Samsonite Gravtec Line combines bold style with superior construction. At 24-inches, this hardside upright case is made of high-performing yet lightweight polycarbonate. At the base of the suitcase are four 360-degree spinner wheels that allow for easy movement across most landscapes. The interior boasts two fully sized zippered dividing panels that reduce shifting during transit.

Last Updated: March 30, 2015