a pile of luggage waits to be loaded into the cargo hold of an airplane

Tips for Packing Checked Luggage

Packing efficiently is a must with the way airport luggage rules are now. There are loads of tips and tricks to help take the hassle out of packing. Packing efficiently will make for a smooth check-in process, as well as, an easier time traveling.

Concerning Clothes

Roll it, don't fold it! When packing your necessary clothing items, roll them. When you fold them you cause creases and wrinkles, much worse than if you roll them. Also, with clothing, select the outfits you need and take one away. You will never wear all that you are planning to. To minimize the amount of clothing, yet insure enough outfits, pack mix and match clothing articles. Choose colors and coordinates that can be made into varying outfits. Small accessories are a great way to accentuate and liven up an outfit and are small to pack.

Sampling Shampoo

It is best to buy samples of your favorite toiletries due to current airline regulations. Buying small samples will keep you from having to squeeze a large amount of shampoo into an itty bitty bottle. Pack all these little samples into a zipper baggie to protect against leakage. The zipper baggie also helps agents when they look through your luggage for inspections.

Sock Space

For socks, roll them and tuck them in the shoes that you are packing. This will help hold the form of the shoe and will allow for more packing room. For the ease of the agents inspecting, lay the shoes out on top of your luggage in a single layer. You should need only 2 pair of shoes. Pack light!

Bag Loose Items

Small soft items can be put in plastic zipper bags to be condensed. Remove the air from the bags with the small items to make the package even smaller. This will make the baggie much smaller and thinner, allowing for more space to pack.

Be Your Own TSA

Mostly, you want to take as little as possible. Check the airlines to see the weight limits on checked luggage. This will help to have a better idea of what to pack and what to leave behind. If you can get 3 or more uses from an item, pack it. If you only might use it, leave it home. When you have your bag all packed, do your own baggage check. Double check the items you have in the suitcase to make sure you didn't pack something innocently, yet sharp. Nail files and scissors would be a huge mistake. Be mindful of the security laws and be knowledgeable of how best to pack. This will make for a much smoother experience traveling.

Last Updated: October 17, 2014