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The Beginner’s Guide to Uber

Every day new technology changes our lives. It has changed the way we get information, talk to each other, and now it’s changing the face of transportation. Uber is an amazing service that connects people to drivers in just minutes. The app is available to anyone and is used in cities around the world. However, you may have some questions if you are looking to be a passenger or driver. Here, we’ll answer several questions you may have about Uber.
Passenger questions
If you are a passenger, Uber might not seem like the right service. After all, taxi services have been around for ages—why change now? Well, you should change for several reasons. Not only is Uber safe, but it can sometimes be cheaper than taxi services. Here are answers to questions about being a passenger.

  • How do you call an Uber?
    First, you should install the app on your phone. Using the app is the easiest way to grab an Uber. Once you download the app, make sure your GPS is on and set to your pickup location. You can also use an exact address or search for a nearby location. From there, select from the available vehicle options using the slider at the bottom of the screen. Tapping each icon will show you the rates of each Uber. When you’ve chosen your Uber, tap “select pickup location” to request your ride.
  • How much does Uber cost?
    There is no way to say exactly how much Uber will cost. Quite a few factors determine the cost of the service, such as traffic and weather. If you’re looking for a general price, Uber offers fair estimates on both its website and app. The prices are $10 and up, depending on your location and where you’re going. To get a more accurate price, visit the website or app.
  • Is Uber Safe?
    Yes! Uber is completely safe. In the United States, Uber drivers must go through a screening process that includes a driving record and criminal history check. The screening process checks all databases, including county, federal, and multi-state. Plus, you can browse your Uber driver’s profile beforehand, such as his or her name, license plate number, photo, and rating.
  • How do you lodge an Uber complaint?
    If you ever have an issue with an Uber driver, you can easily submit a complaint. Complaints can be submitted on the website or on the app. The company stresses that it does not tolerate the use of alcohol or drugs by its drivers. If you think your driver is under the influence, end the trip. Complaints can also be sent to  
  • Why would someone choose Uber over a taxi?
    There are several reasons you should choose Uber over a taxi. For one, it’s cheaper in most instances, especially if you’re in a larger city. New York City taxis can price gouge you, but Uber provides better rates. Getting picked up is also much easier. You can tap a few options on the app or website, and your driver will be on the way.

    On top of that convenience, you can see the route your Uber driver takes. Taxi drivers can charge you more by taking circuitous routes, which are difficult to detect by those unfamiliar with the city. The receipt from Uber provides a GPS track, so you can complain if the driver went an odd route. Finally, it provides better service in most instances.
    Uber deactivates poorly rated drivers, and drivers must maintain a clean car and great service to work for Uber.

Driver questions
The following are answers to questions you may have if you’re considering becoming a driver for Uber. If you’re looking for a little extra cash over the weekends, you’re in luck. Read over these answers, and you’ll know how to become an Uber driver, how much it pays, and more.

  • How do you become an Uber Driver?
    First, you complete the online application. Next, you must have your car inspected at an Uber inspection station or an accepted third party location. These locations can be found on Uber’s website. Once your background check comes back clear, you can start driving.

    As a tip, if you have an invite code from a current Uber driver, you’ll be able to score some extra cash. Invite codes are fairly easy to get if you know someone who already drives for Uber. You may also be able to request a code from an Uber driver you hire.
  • How much does Uber pay?
    Uber drivers don’t make a set amount. It depends on where you live, where the person wants to go, and several other factors. In Los Angeles, Uber drivers have reported around $20–$25 per hour. In New York, Uber drivers can make around $20 per hour as well. The average seems to be around $19 an hour. Basically, you get 70–80% of the money from each fair. So, you can potentially get $10 for 15 minutes of work.

    How much you make depends on how much you work. Some people only drive on the weekends, and it’s reported they can bank around $500. Others work eight- to nine-hour days, five days a week, and bring home $1,500 per week.
  • What kind of car do you need?
    Just like background and driving checks, Uber has strict rules as to your car’s requirements. For one, your vehicle must be a four-door sedan. It must seat four or more passengers, excluding the driver. It also must be a 2000 model or newer, meaning a 1999 vehicle won’t pass inspection. Its plates must be for the state you’re requesting to drive in. It cannot be a marked car, meaning it can have no advertisements on it. Taxi vehicles are not accepted, and salvaged cars are a no-no. Finally, it must be currently registered, though the driver doesn’t have to be the registered owner of the car.
  • Are there other requirements?
    Yes, there are a few requirements. You must be 21, have three years of driving experience, have an in-state driver’s license, and have a Social Security Number. The Social Security Number is used to perform a background check. This background check must pass Uber specifications, and the driving record should come back clean.
Last Updated: May 23, 2017