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Obtaining an Expedited Passport

There are times when you need a passport in a hurry. Perhaps you have an international work trip come up unexpectedly or a friend has found last minute cheap airfare to a European city that you have always wanted to visit. In some cases for an additional fee, you can expedite the process in as little as three weeks or sooner depending on the circumstances. If you are leaving next month for Paris and you have discovered that your passport has expired, you still have a little time left to get it renewed.

Passport Costs

Costs depend upon a few factors. The basic cost of an adult passport (age 16 and up) is $140. If you are renewing an existing one, you will need to include form DS-82. If you are obtaining one for the first time, you will need to use form DS-11. When using the DS-11 form, you will have to pay an execution fee of $25. The execution fee covers the cost of such things as sending the application, administrating the oath (swearing that all information on the application is true and correct), and verifying the identity of the applicant. All minors applying for first-time passports and renewals must use the DS-11 form and pay the execution fee. Applications for minors must be done in person. The cost of expediting the process is an additional $60. If you choose to have it delivered via overnight service, the cost is an additional $14.85.

Expedited Passports By Mail

No matter what type of passport you need you can request that it be expedited by mail. If you are applying for the first time or have lost a current passport, you will need to initiate the process in person. There are many locations around the country to begin the process. You cannot send cash and must send it by a method that can be tracked. You will want to clearly mark all of your paperwork "Expedited." For faster service send your application using overnight delivery and pay for the overnight shipping for the return of your original documents. Any personal documents that you submitted will be returned to you separately.

Expedited Passports in Person

You can request an expedited passport in person at your local authorized acceptance facility. Most of these facilities are located at large local post offices. In many cases, they can take your necessary photos for a fee and arrange for overnight shipping of your application. If you are traveling within the next two weeks, you will need to apply in person at the appropriate agency. There are 28 passport agencies in the United States. Most of the United States Department of State agencies require an appointment and in many cases you will have to provide proof of travel within two weeks. If you choose this service, you will want to bring in all of your personal documents and previously filled-out applications with you. You will not mail them to the agency before your appointment.

Last Updated: November 09, 2015