a travel wallet is filled with passport, id, and other important documents

Must-Have Travel Safety Products

You need to be concerned about your health and safety whenever you are traveling. This is true when taking a trip to a neighboring city or when going overseas to an exotic destination. Fortunately, several products are available today that will help to protect you. There are five safety products that you must have when traveling.

  1. Travel Locks and Nets for Luggage

    You should always bring along travel locks and nets for your luggage. These locks come in many shapes and styles. It is helpful to have two or three different types of locks. Some travel locks come with mesh or net covers for your luggage. The nets prevent people from opening your bags to access your valuables inside. Bringing along multiple locks will keep your luggage safe no matter where you are traveling.

  2. A Travel Wallet

    You need to protect your credit cards, cash, and other important documents. Travel wallets can give you maximum safety. Travel wallets have a thin profile with security measures that make them hard to open. Many include a rugged chain or other feature that allows you to attach it to your clothes, belt, bag, or body. Some newer designs include a liner that will block the radio frequency signals broadcast by some newer credit cards. A travel wallet is invaluable for protecting your cards and papers while away from home.

  3. A Personal Travel Alarm

    A number of personal travel alarms are now available to keep your safe. These alarms are usually small devices with a pin attached. If the pin is removed, then the alarm makes a loud noise that will get your attention immediately. The pin could be attached to your shoulder bag or briefcase, or wallet. If someone tries to take your bag or open your room door, then the alarm goes off so that you are aware of what is happening. Personal alarms are versatile safety products that can be used in a variety of different situations while traveling.

  4. Portable Door Lock

    There are times when you might end up staying in a hotel or other location that is not exactly what you expected. The locks on the door to your room might be very flimsy or nonexistent. There might be suspicious people in and around your hotel. This is why you should always pack a portable door lock. A few types are available. This could be a solid wedge to hold the door shut or a hinged device to jam the door closed. Some are long cables that fit around the door handle. Portable door locks can keep you safe in your room while traveling.

  5. A Small First Aid Kit

    You should always pack a small first aid kit with essentials like bandages, antibiotics, and aspirin, just in case you are injured. You need to be concerned about infections and injuries especially when traveling in rural, wild, or undeveloped areas. A minor cut could become infected quickly when traveling. This can end your trip. A small first aid kit can protect your health while traveling.

Last Updated: March 18, 2015