a digital travel camera bag is packed tightly and ready to go

How to Pack a Digital Camera When Traveling

Digital cameras can be very delicate. Traveling with a digital camera today is not always easy. You need to take the time to pack the camera properly. Several tips will help you to pack a digital camera so that it is not damaged when you are traveling.

Make Sure Panels and Covers Are Tightly Secured

The first step is to make sure panels and covers are all tightly secured. You should attach lens caps and any other covers. Make certain compartments for memory cards or batteries are sealed tightly. If anything is loose, then secure the panel or cover with a small amount of tape.

Always Remove Lenses and Other Components

If your digital camera has an attached lens, then remove it completely and pack it separately wrapped in cushioning. If you leave the lens attached, then camera movements or pressure from other objects could damage the threading that holds it in place. You also want to remove any other components that do not have to be attached like an independent flash or connection cables.

Cushion and Wrap the Camera When Using a Suitcase

You will want to wrap and cushion the digital camera when packing it in a suitcase. You should do this anyway even when using a shoulder bag. You want to place the camera in a sealed plastic bag so that it is safe if something spills in or on the suitcase while you are traveling. The next step should be to wrap the camera in some cushioning. This could be bubble wrap, towels or even clothes. This is very important since jostling could damage the camera if it hits the sides of the suitcase or other items inside.

Use a Small Hard-Sided Case or Box in Shoulder Bags

If you are traveling with the digital camera in a shoulder bag, then you should consider using a small hard-sided case or box. The box the camera came in can work well. A box or small case will protect the camera if the shoulder bag is hit by something hard, is dropped or is hit by another person. You still want to wrap the camera in a plastic bag first for extra protection. Try to keep the camera in a smaller pocket or compartment in the shoulder bag to stop it from moving around too much.

Keep Hard Items and Liquids Away From the Camera

Make certain that you pack hard items and liquids in a way so that they will not come into contact with the digital camera. Hard items like other electronics, a hair dryer or even a can of soda can do significant damage to the camera over time. Toiletries and other containers holding liquids should be stored wrapped in a separate bag away from the digital camera.

Do Not Leave Batteries Loose

Do not leave extra batteries for the camera loose in your bag when traveling. There is a chance that the connectors on loose batteries will touch. This can ruin the batteries or could even start a fire. Batteries should be kept secured so that the terminals never touch. Additionally, keep a battery in or near your camera since airport security might ask you to turn it on.

Last Updated: November 09, 2017