a GoPro camera sits on its stand

GoPro: The Ultimate Travel Photography Camera

Just about everyone in the sports community and beyond has at least heard of the innovative design of GoPro cameras. Hugely popular videos of tumbling, first person accounts of white water rafting, and other action shots went viral a few years ago and have since taken over the attention of every sports enthusiast. Its promise to turn any amateur footage into a professional sports video has attracted countless bikers, surfers, bungee jumpers, surfboarders, dancers, runners, gymnasts, and a whole host of other extreme sportsman.

Video Style

The main advantage of this type of camera is a high quality video that does not require your hands to maneuver. The images appear as a swirling mass of twisting forms and feelings that put the viewer into a first-person experience of the videographer. Most cameras tend to give a cinematic view of a particular subject matter that gives the impression of watching a movie. GoPro, in contrast, contours to the shape and direction of the movement of the person or object to which it is attached. Therefore, it gives the impression of experiencing the same moment as the person taking the video.

Portability and Durability

The camera has an amazing array of features that make it incredibly useful for high energy sports. For example, it can withstand just about any environment you can throw at it. The camera can be attached to bikes, surfboards, or even the chest, head, or any other body part for maximum flexibility while doing any sort of movement. Moreover, it fits snuggly enough that there is minimal risk that it will fall off or unbalance the rider. It’s highly versatile, meaning that it can be placed in just about any environment, from deserts to mountains to oceans to forests. Basically, its endurance is unparalleled; it can survive all sorts of high impact collisions, as well as the minor bumps and scrapes associated with such high energy sports. GoPro cameras also don’t skimp on their video and sound quality. Even the windiest blows are muted and removed from the video, making skydiving videos all the easier to take.


There are a few minor drawbacks to the cameras. The latest Hero 3/3+ can be priced anywhere from $200 to $400, depending on the features you need. This can be a little out of some people’s budget if they are just looking for a simple camera to take pictures. There is no viewing screen prior to taking pictures or video. You better be sure that whatever angle the camera is at captures the type of footage you want it to take. There’s also no zoom or other basic features that you would normally find on a point-and-shoot camera. Therefore, depending on your purposes, GoPro cameras might not be right for you. Besides these drawbacks, however, GoPro is a pretty ingenious creation that has reshaped how people take and view videos.

Last Updated: September 03, 2014