Discovering Discounted Airfare

With airfare rates that are constantly increasing, it is important to find deals that give you the most bang for your buck. By weighing all of your choices, you can create a travel plan that will save hard earned cash.

Ticket Options

Comparing all of your ticket options can lead you to big savings. Some airlines offer discounts to students; this can be beneficial to those who study abroad or at a school that is far away from home. While student discounts are usually not applied to domestic flights, you can save quite a bit of cash by booking an international flight with student advantages. When using domestic flights, you may also be able to save some money by selecting two one-way tickets instead of booking a single round trip flight. It is also possible to reduce the airfare by selecting flights with many layovers instead of a direct flight. It is also not uncommon for airlines to overbook planes. When this happens, the gate attendant will announce that they are accepting volunteers to travel on a delayed flight. Travelers who select to travel on the later plane often receive a refund or a free plane ticket with the airline in the future. You can take advantage of this opportunity by traveling under a loose schedule whenever possible.

Ticket Sellers

In order to find the best deals, you should first check with the airlines directly. Major airlines such as Delta and United often offer large discounts and deals that are unavailable anywhere else. Sometimes the best deals are not advertised, so asking airline representatives for them directly can give you huge discounts. If you are travelling within their networks, utilizing low-cost affiliates such as Jetblue and Airtran can also save you some money. Researching airfare costs with a booking site such as Travelocity and purchasing from the airline directly is a good strategy. This is because booking sites conveniently compile information, but they will charge you a booking fee if you purchase tickets through them.

Flight Time and Season

As a general rule, flying to major beach cities and tourist destinations during their busiest times of the year will cost you a small fortune. Visiting these areas during the off season is a good way to save cash. For example, the least expensive time to visit most of Europe is between the months of October and March. As for the best days of the week to travel, Tuesday to Thursday usually have the best travel deals. Airfare often drops even further when you select to board a flight that leaves between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. You should also book flights well in advance in order to save the most money. As a general rule, domestic flights should be booked at least three weeks in advance.

By carefully considering all of your options, you can travel more frequently for less.

Last Updated: December 02, 2014