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Best Wallets to Hold Your Passport

Have you ever experienced stress while traveling at the airport? You have to check in your bags, stand in lines, and go through security. All of which can be time consuming, and the whole time you're wondering if you will make your flight on time. Then, if you don't know your way around the airport, you get even more frustrated. Why not make your life a little easier and organized with a passport wallet? Here is a list of some of the best passport wallets for travelers.

  1. Trifold Neck Wallet

    With this wallet you can't go wrong. You have the option to wear it around your neck for ease of access when going through security. The trifold feature gives you three different compartments to hold important items such as documents, tickets, passport, money/change, credit cards and even cell phone.

  2. Passport Neck Wallet with Clear Cover

    This passport neck wallet also allows you to easily keep track of the items needed while passing through security. You do not have to look through any purses or suitcases to find it. However this neck wallet is much less bulkier than the trifold wallet, and therefore holds less items. On the plus side, the wallet is lighter and cutting your neck some slack. Another useful feature is the plastic cover for your badge or identification. You don't even have to make an effort to pull it out upon getting checked at security.

  3. Multi-purpose Passport Holder

    With this wallet, you have the choice to use it as a normal wallet and it is big enough to hold your passport. It also zips all the way around making sure that nothing falls out. The last thing you need is your passport or I.D. to get lost before you fly. This is ideal for women who would rather carry their items in a purse.

  4. Classic Leather Passport Holder Wallet

    Even though this wallet is common and simple, it still does its job by keeping your things together and organized. It also has a slot specifically for the passport. Most men prefer something simple and small like this that can easily fit into their pocket.

  5. Passport and Boarding Pass Holder Wallet Case

    This case has lots of slots and is ideal for people that carry lots of paperwork or documents. It's almost as big as a seven inch tablet. It also has the zip closure to ensure nothing gets lost.

Passport wallets come in all kinds of different colors, styles and brands. Just like movies and music there's something out there for everyone. Stay within your budget and plan for a more organized and quicker experience the next time you travel.