camera lenses and other gaer lie on a bed ready to be packed

Best Travel Photography Gear

Camera gear is already daunting to carry around when it comes to traveling. Deciding which gear to bring with adds even more pressure. To help lighten the confusion and stress, check out the latest photography gear to take along with you.

  1. Crumpler 7 Million Dollar Home Camera Bag

    The name may sound intimidating, but this bag actually offers a great way to carry around a camera if you’re on the go. It has adjustable compartments that can easily be arranged to fit your camera and accessories. This bag offers room from the smallest point-and-shoot camera to an SLR camera along with several changeable areas for your filters, memory chips, and other small accessories. If you travel a lot, this bag is handy to have as it is designed to discourage the possibility of being snatched or pickpocketed. You can grab this bag for around $145.

  2. Clik Elite Large Hiker Backpack

    If you hike a lot or travel with a camera and an abnormal amount of stuff, this backpack just might come in handy. It can hold your personal items along with most of your travel camera gear to alleviate the possibility of carrying multiple bags. The backpack is made out of 1680D Ballistic, 420D Nylon, and an aluminum internal frame to support heavy loads. It is a durable backpack that will help protect your camera gear and provides roomy compartments for any camera accessories that you may bring along. The backpack is available for purchase around $149.

  3. Nexto Photo Storage Portable Backup Drive

    It’s always a good idea to have some type of backup storage device when you travel to help prevent any amazing photos from being accidently deleted. This device is easy to use compared to bringing a laptop with you. Simply pull the memory chip out of your camera, place it in the device, and download your images to it. Nexto offers the drive in different capacities with varying price points. The 500GB around $389 and the 750GB for around $439. The price is higher than most portable devices, but the performance also tops those devices that are currently available.

  4. Polarizing Filter

    Anyone who loves to take photos of landscapes while traveling should always have some type of polarizing filter. It will help deepen the skies, seas, and ward off any glares that can occur in photos. The filter will also alleviate any overexposure if you take photos during a bright setting. The filter is designed to screw onto the front of your camera lens so it’s a good idea to purchase the right size of filter for whatever camera lens you use. You won’t need to buy a filter for every lens that you own, just the one that you use the most. Polarizing filters can be purchased for around $30.

  5. Joby Gorillapod

    Tripods can be a tricky item to carry with you when if you’re traveling a lot. Some can be too big and heavy to lug around, so getting the Joby Gorillapod might be a better option. It is a flexible and lightweight tripod that you can wrap around trees, bike handlebars, and even your arm. There are off brands of Gorillapods, but the real one will be able to handle the weight of an SLR with a zoom lens attached. It has a ball head that makes it easy for your camera to change position from vertical to horizontal. You can get a Joby Gorillapod starting at $50.

Last Updated: August 28, 2014