a dog sits in his kennel awaiting travel

Best Pet Travel Carriers

So you're taking a vacation and have excitedly gone over every detail. Has the mode of transportation been decided? Check. Has the hotel been booked? Check. Are the suitcases packed and ready to go? Check. Everything is in order. What could possibly be left to do? That's right! Fido and Spot need a safe way to travel too!

Choosing the best travel carrier doesn't have to be a challenge; after all, what you really want is for your pet to be comfortable, safe, and secure through out the commute. The easiest way to choose the best carrier is to decide on a budget, find a good match that is compatible with the size of your pet, and perform some research. Reading other consumer reviews about your choice does not hurt. To make things easy for you, we have compiled a list of the best rated pet travel carriers on the market.

  1. Sherpa Ultimate Bag on Wheels ($105)

    Sherpa is a reputable maker of pet carriers. They sell many different models of travel carriers and have become a pet lover's favorite. They stand out because they are made with style plus have very luxurious additions such as faux lambskin lining and mesh ventilation on the sides. This particular model has the convenience of wheels and can be used for air travel. Also, it is available for small, medium, and large breeds.

  2. Bergan Comfort Carrier Soft-Sided Pet Carrier ($30)

    This carrier is one of the best on the market, as it is very affordable. It has a soft fleece lining plus a soft exterior that makes it very simple to clean in a standard washer. Another perk is the wide and padded comfort shoulder strap to ease any discomfort when carrying larger pets.

  3. Snoozer Roll Around ($80)

    The Snoozer is a great choice for the pet owner who has safety as priority number one. It has been successfully crash tested for a 30 pound pet moving 30 miles per hour. This carrier is unique in the fact that it can be a backpack carrier, car seat, and pet bed, all in one!

  4. The Original Sherpa ($45)

    Another Sherpa carrier on our list! The reason we felt a Sherpa product deserved another spot on this list is due to the fact that this model is the best choice for air travel. This compact traveler participates in the Guaranteed On Board program. This means it meets most major airline's specific rules and regulations and will be allowed on board. It also fits perfectly under the cabin seats.

  5. Petmate Two Door Top Load 24-Inch Pet Kennel ($55)

    If simplicity is what you're after, then look no further. This hard exterior has two doors for ease of access; plus, it uses sturdy plastic and metal to guarantee your pet is well protected. The use of nuts and bolts in the design of this product give you confidence knowing your pet is guarded. A favorite among cat owners!

Last Updated: April 30, 2015