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7 Misconceptions about Budget Travel

Studies show that many Americans believe that for them to travel in comfort and style, they must spend a lot of money. This is wrong. Several myths have gained notoriety over the past decades regarding budget travel, which this article tries to debunk.

Myth #1: You Will Have to Sleep in a Congested Room (The “H” Word)

When many Americans hear the word “hostel”, they relate it to a single room that is uncomfortable, with bunk beds, dorm-style bathrooms that they have to share with several strangers. This is not the case. In fact, some hostels have private rooms as well, which are cheap.

Myth #2: Some Cities are Too Expensive for Budget Travel

Cities considered too expensive include Paris, New York and London. However, these cities have an extensive public transportation, which is safe and affordable.

Myth #3: Renting a Car Is Expensive

Most Americans believe that the only way to travel on a budget is by train. However, there are cases when renting a car is cheaper than traveling by train. It all depends on the traveling party. For instance, family tours are less expensive when you use a car.

Myth #4: You Always Save When You Buy From Duty Free Shops

Many people always believe that items are cheaper in duty-free shops than regular stores. This is a big misconception. These stores are only a bargain when you consider the tax portion against the total cost. You can only know that the price is cheaper if you avoid impulse buying and stick to items that you know the real price. It is therefore sensible for you to check prices in the city center and compare with the ones in the duty free shops.

Myth #5: Off Season Trips Leave You Disappointed

Many travel guides advice travelers who are looking for a good time to travel during the peak seasons. This is a mere myth because you can still find business and recreational services in places that have been closed for the season. This is because few places are totally shut down for remodeling.

Myth #6: The Weather is Bad during Off-Season

Many people believe that the weather is unbearable during the low season, but this is not the case. The secret here has to do with timing, because the weather is not terrible the whole season. There are times when the weather is just fine, and you can still enjoy your trip.

Myth #7: The Best Experiences Come at a High Price

This is false! Did you know that you could go for window-shopping at the best places in the world free? And while you are window shopping, you can get delicious coffee and meals at budget prices near these destinations.

Last Updated: February 01, 2024