5 Tips for Summer Budget Travel

The summer months are the best time to get to the beach, visit friends and family members or take a week off from work to relax with the kids. If you are planning on taking a trip this summer, what are some ways that you can do so without going over your budget?

  1. Don't Always Go to the Nearest Airport

    You may be able to save money by not flying out of the nearest airport or the biggest airport in your area. Using a smaller airport or an airport in another nearby city could save you hundreds of dollars. If you like to travel often, this could free up money to take more than one trip each summer.

  2. Call to Book a Trip at the Lowest Price

    The Internet is an awesome tool for finding the lowest prices on flights, rental cars and hotel rooms. However, you may not always get the best deal when you book online. If you call the hotel where you want to stay or call the airline with which you would like to travel, it may be possible to snag a deal that may not be advertised online.

  3. Stay Where Others Won't

    Is there a hotel room that isn't desirable because of its location within the hotel or because it caters to business travelers? If you are willing to stay in a hotel suited to business travelers on your next trip, you could save a lot of money and find a room in a hotel that is close to the airport to make leaving more convenient.

  4. Go Where People Are Wary of Visiting

    If you want to travel to a sunny location this summer, you may be better off traveling to a state or country that has just been affected by a natural disaster or a health scare. This is because tourists may be hesitant to travel to those locations long after it is safe to do so again. To assuage your concerns, you can talk to a health expert who should be able to confirm that you are not putting yourself in any danger while on vacation.

  5. Consider Reposition Cruises for an Exotic Trip

    Cruise lines will reposition their ships once or twice a year and allow people to hitch a ride to wherever the ship is going. While the trip is only one-way, it can be a great way to get a discount on the first leg of your vacation. If you have frequent flyer miles or want to get credit card reward points, you can use those miles or your favorite credit card to book a return flight or ride home.

Regardless of your budget, there is no reason why you can't explore someplace new for a few days during the summer. You will be able to make new memories with your family and see the sights in an exotic location all without having to worry about ruining your financial situation in short or long-term.