5 Romantic Affordable Getaways

When you love the idea of getting out of town with that special someone, you are going to discover it is important for you to think about affordable destinations. We all wish that we could fly off to Paris on a moment's notice, but the truth is that there are bills to pay and families to feed. What are five great places where you can rekindle the romance without breaking the bank?

  1. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    Milwaukee is considered something of a blue-collar town, but anyone who lives in the region knows its a great option for romantic travelers. From the mysterious spy-themed Safe House Cafe to the romantic River Walk, you can see that the Cream City has plenty to offer. Take a ride on one of the many boats that offer romantic voyages up the river or out onto the misty waters of Lake Michigan. This city is within striking distance of both Chicago and Madison at just a fraction of the price of either, and whether you want elegant dining or a rousing sports event, you will find it here.

  2. Yellowstone Park

    Are you and your lover real nature fans? When you want to see the stars shine in ways that they never have before, and when you love the idea of seeing what the world looked like before people touched it, opt for a romantic night out under the stars. This is something that can turn your view on life around. Some people love to go out in an RV and soak up the nature while enjoying all of the pleasures of home, while others prefer to camp under the stars.

  3. Savannah, Georgia

    When you want to get away from the icy reaches for a little while, why not head south to Savannah, Georgia? This city is one of the older European settlements in the United States, and it elegantly and gracefully shows its heritage in everything from the architecture to the food. Take some time to think about how you are going to get the most out of your stay. Rent a beautiful hotel room, and just soak in some of the summer decadence.

  4. Manchester Village, Vermont

    When you are thinking about moving forward with your romantic times but you are not sure where you want to go and why, take a moment to consider Manchester Vermont. This small city nestled in some of the most beautiful countryside that Vermont has to offer gives you lots of options. If you and your sweetie love the outdoors, think about heading out to Manchester Village to enjoy the outdoors, the shopping and the simply gorgeous scenery!

  5. Tucson, Arizona

    When you are ready to try something different, head out to Tucson, where the air is dry and still and the sunsets are beautiful panoramas of blue, orange and gold. This is the perfect environment for people who want to see nature at its most lovely, and this town is perfect for people who have a slightly artistic bent.

It is entirely possible to be extremely romantic without losing all of your cash. Consider these locations and make sure that you are getting the most bang out of your buck.