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5 Best Money Belts for Travel

Traveling should be relaxing. You shouldn't travel in fear of losing your money or documents to a pickpocket or through misplacement. A money belt helps keep money, and important documents securely tucked away from sight, allowing you peace of mind while traveling. Here are our five best money belts for travel?

  1. Eagle Creek All Terrain Money Belt

    This money belt has the same functionality and offers the same theft protection of other money belts with the appearance of a standard belt. To keep the standard belt appearance, the zippered space of the Eagle Creek All Terrain Money Belt is small and requires that any documents or cash fold up rather precisely for proper fitting and zipping. On the upside, however, the plastic money belt hardware goes easily through security scanners without the hassle of removal.

  2. The Pacsafe Cashsafe Belt Wallet

    The Cashsafe Belt Wallet is very similar in appearance and description to the Eagle Creek All Terrain Money Belt, except that the buckle construction appears stronger and more reliable for frequent wear. Money must be tightly folded for fitting into the zippered space, but the Pacsafe belt holds a larger quantity than the Eagle Creek version without excessive bulging or shape loss.

  3. The Eagle Creek RFID Blocking Money Belt

    This Eagle Creek money belt offers both a moisture wicking fabric and RFID blocking technology which protects personal information on credit cards, passports, and documents. The belt may be worn on either the waist or with a neck strap and has larger storage compartments for documents and cash. The RFID Blocking money belt also provides easy navigation through security and airport screening.

  4. Rick Steves Civita Money Belt

    The Civita Money Belt from Rick Steves also offers larger compartments for passport and ticket storage in a thin style without bulk. The Civita money belt has three compartments with twin zippers. The multiple compartments allow quick access to money or change held in one compartment while leaving important documents zipped into another space. The Civitia Money Belt is also user-friendly for security checkpoints.

  5. Belton USA Leather Travel Money Belt

    Sometimes a leather belt becomes necessary during travel. This leather money belt from Belton USA offers the look of a normal, everyday belt with the zippered-pocket security of a money belt. The zipper compartment is very small and is not suitable for large documents, but stores small bills securely and discreetly. The Belton Leather Money Belt requires removal during security scans making it slightly less convenient than plastic buckled belts. This belt does, however, offer security to travelers shying away from the appearance of many other money belts and travel wallets, and it is also available in larger sizes without the need for special ordering.

  6. Travel safety must be a top priority. These money belts offer discreet protection and peace of mind with individual needs and tastes in mind.

Last Updated: September 23, 2014