4 Flight Saving Tips You Probably Haven't Considered

Tapping into air travel has become extremely affordable, especially when you know how to score the best deals. Some tactics are common sense while others are secret ways airlines have of helping people in a pinch. Save big with these tips for booking cheaper air tickets:

Follow Your Favorite Airlines on Social Media

Today’s social media is a hotbed of coupons, discount offers, and very lucrative incentives delivered through channels like Facebook. Liking an airline’s social profile page and signing up for their newsletters gives you access to last-minute travel deals. The discounts themselves aren’t rewards. When seats need to be filled, airlines drop their prices. They time those drops appropriately, however, so you may not get word of the savings in time to book your flight unless you’re tuned in to the right resources.

Through normal booking, you can find the best deals six weeks in advance of your flight. Last-minute prices can be three times the rate, and every destination doesn’t have last-minute seats available. Beware though; waiting to book in order to capture a deal can be a big gamble.

Consider Official Package Offers

Travel packages available online often result in only small savings compared to dealing with the local travel associations of your destination. They usually offer packages with larger savings. Look for official tourism offices online, including on social media websites. Combined with an ultra-affordable room and free meals or admission to sites on your itinerary, you may not need to scramble for affordable air fare.

If you can’t find a travel package suitable to your needs, consider writing to ask for advice on how to keep things affordable. The state tourism office, for instance, may be able to help you find discounts or point you to low-cost accommodations you otherwise wouldn’t have known about. It’s their job to help get the word out and promote tourism in their community; take advantage!

Look Over Your Location Options

Larger airports do more business, and consequently, they often charge less for their services. At the same time, smaller venues know they need to compete to stay afloat. That gives you plenty of reason to check out the prices for competing airports. Mix your flight search up between two or three options, when possible. You’ll be amazed at how prices can vary even between destinations within a few hours of one another.

Call for Condolence Rates

Airlines know they provide people not just with vacation opportunities; they are integral for business interactions and keeping family members in touch. Many passengers can’t afford last-minute rates that would allow them to see a sick or injured family members in the event of a medical emergency or death. As strange as it seems, many airlines feel offering condolence discounts is a moral obligation.

In order to secure a condolence discount, you need to call the airline directly and speak with customer service. If the first person you talk to can’t help you, call back and speak with someone else. These aren’t widely advertised and the exact method for granting the discounts varies according to airline.

Last Updated: August 05, 2014